Groom and Bride Dancing in the RainYou never can tell what surprises await on your wedding day. Though you may go to great lengths to plan for everything, no one can control it all. This is very much the case when the weather is involved. You definitely cannot stop the rain from falling. You can, however, put in effort to develop a strategy for handling a sudden downpour. Thinking through a plan in advance will help you stay ready for anything from a light drizzle to a more serious onslaught of rain. 

Consider the Specifics

How the rain will impact your event depends on your exact wedding plans. An outdoor wedding will be impacted more by rainfall, but indoor events will still require adjusting should the storm be severe. Additionally, the time of year and your geographical location will play into how you prepare. Tying the knot during hurricane season in an area that tends to take the brunt of a storm? You’ll need a more thorough plan than someone experiencing a slight shower on a warm day in spring. 

Rent a Tent

Outdoor weddings need a plan of action for rain from the first steps of planning. Since you’re booking your venue months in advance, you have no idea what the weather is going to be like when the big day arrives. If you’re getting married at a venue without an indoor option, like a beach or park, then sudden rain creates a serious setback. Your best bet is to rent a tent early. Even if the skies are clear and sunny, a tent provides a perfect place for guests to hide away from the elements for a bit. 

Check the Weather 

Going to extremes to make a plan for rain only to be met with a day that is dry and hot can make you feel like you’ve wasted time. This is why you want to be a bit balanced in the way that you approach planning for inclement weather. Renting a tent early isn’t a huge expense and provides other benefits. Other choices, however, should be made closer to the date of the wedding. Check the weather consistently in the weeks leading to your event. Should you hear about a potential storm, start making concrete plans.

Perhaps the most important step while planning is informing your guests of what’s happening. Holding out hope that a storm will pass is a bad move, as some friends and family may need to think ahead when it comes to bad weather. Anyone driving a long distance to see you is not going to want to drive through the thick of a storm. Letting guests know early provides them with room to adjust plans and get to the event safe and sound.

Get Creative

Crying over the weather won’t change a thing. If you wanted a sunny day and received a storm, learn to work with what you’re given. Get creative and incorporate the rain into your wedding photos for dynamic and unique images. Buy a bunch of umbrellas that fit the aesthetics of your event and hand them out to guests as favors that can be put to immediate use. As long as you learn to roll with the punches, you can get around any surprises that nature may have in store.

Stay Warm

Finally, be sure to have a plan for keeping yourself and guests comfortable should things get wet. A warm environment is a must when people get soaked. Heaters, blankets, and towels can all prove invaluable. The last thing you want is for someone to catch a cold while celebrating your love. 

A bit of rain isn’t the end of the world on your wedding day. As long as you plan ahead, you’ll be ready to weather whatever storm may come your way.

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