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Jeans-Clad Bride and GroomMany people grow up believing that their wedding day will be everything they’ve dreamed of. They’ll be surrounded by their favorite people, pledging their life and love to their partner. Everything will be just so, and it will be a day to remember. For many of these folks, their wedding plans align to certain cultural norms, religious customs, societal pressures and family expectations. From the attire to the venue and more, their nuptials will resemble what’s been done countless times by countless others over the years.

You, on the other hand, dance to a melody that only you can hear, and your special day will be no exception. You’re committed to breaking all the rules and really doing things your way. For you, “convention” is a four-letter word, and while you want to solemnize your union with another, you want to do it entirely on your own terms. What you’re seeking is an anti-wedding, and here are some things for you to consider.

All About the Anti-Wedding

An anti-wedding isn’t the same as not having one. There are local requirements that must be met for you to be legally married, but the particulars of the ceremony are up to you and your partner. Whereas a typical marriage celebration tends to be about making things extraordinary, you can think of an anti-wedding as an event where nothing is contrived. There will be a formal declaration of intent to marry with the requisite witnesses that are a part of every ceremony, but that’s where the similarities end.

Comfort Over Conventionality

Some people look forward to dressing to the nines for their nuptials. Not only will they spend thousands of dollars on a gown or suit, but members of a wedding party will also be expected to spend money on attire, which is usually coordinated with a certain theme or the décor. The anti-wedding prioritizes comfort over everything else. Think about an easy-fitting top, comfortable jeans and sensible shoes as your outfit. This casual, laidback approach should extend to those in the ceremony, and guests as well. Go for broke and let others decide what they want to wear (that’s if you decide to even have a wedding party).

Matters of Menu

When it comes to food and beverage, an easy-going approach also works here. Perhaps you and your partner have a favorite restaurant, or one that holds some significance to your relationship? Consider arranging a no-muss, no-fuss sit down dinner with you and your closest friends in lieu of a reception. If your friends and family know their way around the kitchen, a potluck at someone’s house or a backyard barbecue (or crawfish boil) are nice alternatives to an over-the-top reception with expensive plates and a multi-tiered cake. Coolers packed with soft drinks and your favorite brews are easier to deal with than an open or cash bar with bartenders.

Anti-Wedding Activities

One can hardly be surprised that an anti-wedding forgoes all the typical activities at a wedding. Bouquet tosses, first dances and speeches are just some of the traditions you can ditch in favor of activities that are more your speed. A party with a DJ and a dance floor may not be your idea of a good time. Do things that make you happy! Board games, scavenger hunts, group games, a mini-film festival — these are just some of the different things you can do at your anti-wedding. The important thing is for you, your partner and the special people to have a good time kicking off this next phase of life.

As someone getting ready to say, “I do,” your nuptials are what you choose them to be. You can eschew wedding traditions to create an experience that is personal and memorable. There are only a few things that are required to start a legal marriage. All the other details are entirely up to you. Be free, love sincerely and enjoy the ride!

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