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Bride, Groom, and OfficiantThere are a lot of details to consider when putting together your wedding. While a lot of attention is going to be paid to the reception, you also need to think through your ceremony. Since this is the part of your big day where you actually tie the knot, taking extra care is important when ironing out details. Selecting the right officiant, for example, is a decision worth a little extra rumination. This person will be the one talking and keeping your guests’ attention, so you don’t want to select just anyone.

When the time comes to pick the person who will help you and your partner start your lives together, it can be helpful to have a few questions locked and loaded. Take a look at these suggestions and see which queries prove most useful in finding the ideal fit.

A Personal Touch

Your wedding is all about the love shared between you and your partner. This means you are going to want your ceremony to include a bit of personal information. While the officiant doesn’t need to go as in-depth in what he or she says as, say, the best man will during his speech, it’s still beneficial to have a dash of “you” in the mix. What many couples don’t realize is that a number of officiants won’t be able to do this, especially those connected to religious institutions with stricter marriage ceremony guidelines.

If having a personal touch is important to you, then this question needs to come early when talking to your officiant. This also goes for any customization you want to do to the readings. When you’re looking to feature alternative texts in your wedding, you need to talk it out with the person before you can set anything in stone.

Seeing Is Believing

Meeting in person with your officiant can definitely give you a good feel for his or her personality. Usually, you’ll know if you jive well within the first couple minutes of meeting. Of course, some people tend to do better in intimate settings than in front of large crowds. You’ll need a bit of assurance before you can feel comfortable allowing this person to get before your closest friends and family members and start talking. To ensure this, consider asking your officiant for any videos he or she may have of previous ceremonies.

Once you have the chance to watch an example of how this person conducts things, you’ll have the confirmation you require. If you’re asking a friend or family member to become ordained for the express purpose of marrying you, then you may need to do a “practice run.” Doing a preliminary test can definitely provide you with the insight you require to make an informed decision.

Legal Discussion

Finally, you may want to ask about whether or not your potential officiant can help you with obtaining your marriage license. Though it can be somewhat straightforward, many couples get so caught up in planning that they forget to grab the right paperwork. If you’re worried that you and your significant other might drop the ball when it comes to this side of things, don’t forget to ask about getting a little help! And if you feel like you have additional questions, try to picture what your ideal wedding looks like. This will help you discover the perfect questions.

Meeting with potential officiants is an excellent way for you to get a feel for their personalities and see who is right for you. By taking the time to write out a couple of questions in advance, you will be able to go into your meeting with a sense of confidence in what qualities you’re looking for. In no time, you’ll have found the person who can make your dreams of marriage a reality.

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