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Cats on Wedding CakesPets are like family to most people. Unfortunately, you can’t always bring your furry friends to places that humans are allowed to go. Because of concerns from health restrictions to allergies, keeping dogs and cats at home can sometimes prove to be the best decision for all. When the time comes to plan your wedding, you may jump at the idea of incorporating your pet into the ceremony in some capacity. While the expectation might seem adorable and sentimental, the reality can be a mess and something of a total stressor. 

Though the urge is righteous, working your pet into your big day may not be the best choice for your sanity. Still, there are other ways to include your pet without actually having it present.

As a Photograph

Decorating the venue with pictures from throughout the relationship is a common practice for many couples. Whether you’re using physical photographs or a digital slideshow, this is a perfect opportunity for you to include your pet in the festivities. There are bound to be tons of images of your furry friend that are worthy of printing or adding to the projection queue. You might not be able to bring your pet to the party, but the picture will definitely nail how important the bond you share is. 

As a Piece of Art

These days, pet-themed gifts are all the rage. Sites like Etsy are packed with artists who are willing to create custom pieces for patrons looking to commemorate their four-legged friends. If you want to make sure the presence of your pet is truly felt by all in attendance, then a unique piece is definitely a great way to go. There are a multitude of options available to you with this idea. From paintings that depict your pup like European royalty to flowering plants trimmed to resemble your cat, you’ll easily find a way to work your pet into the aesthetic.

As a Symbol

When all is said and done, what matters about incorporating your pet is that it has significance to you. For some, this means a symbolic way of feeling the presence of your pet. Cufflinks in the shape of your dog’s breed can be an excellent accessory for a groom, while a similarly styled pin or brooch can work for brides. There are many understated ways to include images of dogs, cats, and other animals into your wedding’s design without being too direct about your approach. 

As the Cake

These days, you can pretty much order a cake in the shape of anything you can imagine. Want a recreation of the Battle of Waterloo in fondant? No problem. This means you can easily have a cake made to resemble your pet if you’d like. Since a full replica of your pet might seem a bit intense, instead work with your baker to see if there is a topper or pattern that can help invoke the spirit of your pet. Paw-shaped cookies or candies resembling your pooch can also work as sweet ways to bring your pet into the fold.

As a Favor

Favors are a way of thanking guests for celebrating this milestone event with you. Since a majority of your friends and family members are likely familiar with your pet, incorporating your furry friend into the parting gifts can be a fun idea. For guests with pets of their own, consider giving some treats or a chew toy. For those without pets, a great gag gift is a lint brush they can use when visiting your house in the future. Have fun with the idea.

When the reality of working an animal into a big event like your wedding starts to set in, finding an alternative with sentimental value is helpful. As long as you feel like the tribute to your lovable little friend is fitting, it doesn’t matter how you go about the process.

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