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According to William Shakespeare, music is the food of love. It seems these sentiments are as true today as they were in 1601, as it is hard to envision a romantic setting without the presence of some kind of soundtrack. If you’re planning your wedding, then you likely are spending a lot of time deciding what music should be used throughout the event. From the tune you walk down the aisle to, the first dance song, to the jams played by the DJ, each choice will help to set the right mood. Pick the right music with these tips.

Selecting Your Entertainment

Before deciding on the exact songs that will be played over the course of the event, you must have your entertainment set in stone. Specifically, it is important to know whether you will be using a DJ or a live band. While both options should be able to meet your needs, a band might need advance notice on specific songs you would like played. A DJ, conversely, should be able to use the internet to pull up any obscure tune you’d like at a moment’s notice. Once you’ve got your choice booked, it is time to look at song options.

Start With What You Know

Just as it is best to start a to-do list by writing down a task you’ve already completed and checking it off, you should start picking wedding songs by focusing on what you already know you want. If you and your partner have a song that you absolutely want played for your first dance, write it down and move on to the next. This will make you feel like you’re making progress, even if you’re struggling to select music for certain parts of the celebration. 

It can also be useful to start by picking the songs for the “big” moments of the event. Think about what songs you’d like played when the wedding party enters the venue or what tunes would make the most sense when you cut the cake. 

Please the Crowd

While you should absolutely go with songs that align with your tastes, you must also be mindful of the crowd. Group dances at weddings might seem cheesy or cliche, but songs like “The Electric Slide” and “Cha-Cha Shuffle” get people out of their seats and on the dance floor. In fact, you’re most likely to get people of all ages dancing when you play these songs. While it might not be “cool,” be sure to play a mix of these songs throughout the event to keep all of your guests in good spirits. 

Additionally, be mindful of how obscure your music selection gets. Even though it is your big day, try to include a mix of popular tracks and songs that align with your tastes. This will keep the energy levels high and encourage people to dance.

Allow Requests

Finally, it is usually a wise idea to allow guests to make requests throughout the event. If a friend or family member thinks that a certain song will improve the vibe of the reception or get more people dancing, then provide the ability to get that tune played. Most entertainers will have no problem with requests, but you should still discuss it with the vendor in advance. Too many requests can throw off the DJ’s own playlists, so giving a bit of advance notice can help with timing out the music. 

Get Up and Dance

Picking the right songs for your wedding might take a bit of time, but there are plenty of ways to discover tunes that bring your event to life. As long as the music you choose gets everyone on the dance floor, you’ve made the right choice.

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