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Camping in the Back YardThe world has gone through some significant changes over the last year. Though events have been overwhelming at times, most people have adjusted the best they can in order to carry on with their lives. Still, this doesn’t mean that there haven’t been some serious shifts in how things are conducted. The idea of going on a honeymoon was once filled with excitement and thoughts of relaxation. Now, couples aren’t able to fly about with the same carefree attitude.

From health concerns to logistics, there are many obstacles in your way to the ideal honeymoon. Thankfully, couples have been going to all kinds of lengths in order to make the most of things. Consider these honeymoon trends for 2021 and plan a trip that works for both of you in the current state of the world. 

Take to the Road

Though airlines have gone to some extreme lengths to ensure their planes are safe from the coronavirus, plenty of people are still hesitant to book a flight. If you don’t feel ready to jet out to a tropical island or European village, you can join the myriad of couples taking to the road. The honeymoon road trip is not a new concept, but it is definitely one that has seen something of a renaissance due to the spread of COVID-19. Instead of making the trip all about the destination, this kind of honeymoon puts the emphasis on the journey itself. 

Whether you decide to drive somewhere far and unknown or keep your trucking close to home, there is a sense of freedom that follows hitting the road for an adventure. You can create a tight itinerary and visit roadside attractions along the highways or simply play it by ear and see where the adventure brings you. As long as you follow local restrictions and bring your mask with you, you’ll be in a good position for fun.

Explore Nature

Since people have been restricted from spending too much time indoors in locations other than their own homes, it makes sense that the outdoor honeymoon is also one poised for popularity in 2021. Health experts have stated that being outside and safely distanced from others is a generally safe way to spend your time. If you want to hit the road as part of the experience, you can trek to a national park and spend your honeymoon immersed in some of the most captivating landscapes. 

You don’t need to go away for a camping trip to make the most of an outdoor honeymoon. Bring the campgrounds to your own home and have a backyard campout with your significant other. Aside from being convenient, camping this close to your own home gives you more freedom to personalize your experience. Hang string lights around the space, lay out some of your coziest blankets in the tent, and have a night you’ll remember for a long time.

Delay the Experience

Now that a vaccine has been discovered for the novel coronavirus, many nations are shifting to plans to reopen in a more structured way. Though you might not be able to guarantee a specific date, delaying your honeymoon for a point down the line when things seem a bit more stable can be a wise choice. Unlike last year when the virus was still a huge mystery, it is now possible to slowly plan ahead under the assumption that the vaccinated population will reach a desired percentage before 2021 ends.

Adaptation is a vital component of being alive. While it is true that COVID-19 changed the way people go about their honeymoons, you can still make the best of a bad situation. Follow the trends for 2021 and put together a trip that helps you celebrate your union in a fitting and fun way. 

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