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A Cute Baby Being BaptizedPlanning for your child’s baptism can be an exciting and emotional experience. Your little one is being welcomed into the church and the community that comes along with it. Most parents host small parties or gatherings after the ceremony in order to thank everyone for being present during this milestone event. While it doesn’t need to be a lavish affair, you still need to cover all of your bases. Look over these checklist items to guarantee you are prepared for everything involved in this ceremony and beyond.

Contact Your Church

The most important step for your child’s baptism is to coordinate the event with your church. Some establishments have very specific guidelines for these rituals, and you have to understand what is expected of you. For example, churches with larger congregations might hold multiple baptisms at the same time. You and the people you select to be your child’s godparents might also need to attend a class sponsored by your church. Learn the details, and get an idea of the length of the ceremony itself. This will help you coordinate an appropriate time for the baptism party.

Find a Venue

Once you know how long the ceremony will be, contact nearby venues where you would like to host the party. Some churches have reception halls or event rooms that can be used for this purpose. This can be helpful because the space is in the same location as the ceremony, but you might need to share it with other families. If you choose to use a local restaurant for the party, try to find one that is located close to the church. People are going to be hungry after the ceremony, and a long drive to a venue can raise tensions.

Focus Your Guest List

Next, think about who you would like to invite to the party. Since the baptism is held in a church, the ceremony itself is open to the public. While you don’t technically need to invite everyone back to the reception, it might be rude to exclude anyone who came out to wish your family well on this special day. Only invite people to the ceremony who you plan on inviting to the party. This way, you will not feel obligated to include anyone who shows up to the event unannounced.


Unlike weddings and other large events, you do not need to send out the invitations to the baptism party with much notice. More often than not, this is a ceremony that will be held on a Sunday. This means few people will need to rearrange their schedules in order to attend. As a rule of thumb, you should put invitations in the mail roughly a month before the date. Include information on both the ceremony and the reception, including the start times for each in case some guests can only attend one.

Food and Drink

The refreshments you offer at the party will be entirely up to you. Appetizers and small plates are usually ideal for the time of day and type of event. This also helps to keep your budget for the reception sensible. If you plan on hosting a very small group of people, then consider providing a full lunch or dinner option. Keep in mind your child might get fussy from being the center of attention for so long. The shorter the reception, the sooner you can get the little one home for some rest.

The baptism of your child can be a special moment in the history of your family. You will have a lot on your mind during this time, so it pays to be thorough. Create a checklist of everything you need to accomplish before the big day arrives, and put together a party that celebrates the journey your little one is about to take.

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