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Wedding Handfasting Cord

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This beautiful lace cord provides an elegant means of conducting a handfasting ceremony and is commonly used in Celtic and Pagan weddings.

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Wedding Handfasting Cord Details

Traditionally, this is used to bind the hands of two loved ones in a rite of commitment to symbolize their companionship and the joining together of their lives.

Originally from a Celtic and Pagan custom, handfasting has now become a popular alternative in the general public to more traditional Christian weddings. This six-foot-long cord is woven with eggshell white cotton, and is meant to be wrapped around the couple's interlocked hands several times.

If you have been asked to perform a wedding by handfasting, in addition to this ceremonial cord, we recommend you pick up the book Handfasting and Wedding Rituals, also available in our online store. The book will detail the different ways to bind the hands with this cord as well as explore the possible approaches to performing such a service.

Handfasting provides a meaningful symbol of the bond between two people. This artfully made cord is a tasteful addition to the ceremony.

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