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How to Write Wedding Vows

A Wedding Vow Workbook

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Wedding vows are the most intimate part of the wedding, and this book provides all the tools necessary to craft your own honest and elegant vows from the heart.
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How to Write Wedding Vows Details

How To Write Wedding Vows is the go-to book for anyone looking for a bit of help before the Big Day. This book is a comprehensive yet straightforward guide to help brides, grooms, and even ministers create their own elegant wedding vows from the heart. Don't settle for one-size-fits-all vows; pick up this book today and let your significant other know how you truly feel.

Included in this book is a helpful 30 minute wedding vow template that will give you the basic building blocks to great wedding vows in a convenient fill in the blank style. This template is a wonderful tool to help you get the hang of writing vows, even if only for practice. If you want your vows to be 100 percent original, this book can help you to express your feelings both succinctly and eloquently. In addition to the template, you will learn the history of wedding vows and have the ability to study sample vows before you decide what you'll say at your own ceremony.

Dr. Kelly Carr is an ordained minister and has presided over more than 500 weddings and vow renewal ceremonies. With his extensive experience officiating weddings, he has created this book to help other ordained ministers and engaged couples alike to create personal, meaningful wedding vows. This book is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to add some personal flair to their wedding and can even be a great resource for ministers who work closely with their clients to provide a memorable ceremony.

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