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Queen James Bible

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King James, famous for a version of the Bible, was known to have same-sex partners. With that in mind this version probes the Biblical stance on homosexuality.

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Queen James Bible Details

The King James Version of the Bible is arguably one of the most important English language documents of all time. It is the product of over 400 years of revisions and translations, but what if the original messages were distorted over the generations?

The Queen James Bible tackles that very question in an effort to show that the good book does not provide a foundation for a homophobic viewpoint. It begins with a series of essays that each examine a verse that people take to be about homosexuality and shows that by keeping historic context and verbiage in mind, they might not mean what we currently take them to mean. After this deep-dive into this small selection of verses, we have the King James Version of the Bible with only those few verses slightly altered to get at their more likely intended meaning.

This book would make a great addition to your collection for LGBT+ Christians, critics of the book, and denominations that welcome members of all orientations. It's also a fun journey for history buffs to embark on.

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