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Every Nonprofit's Tax Guide

6th Edition

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This comprehensive tax guide will assist you in properly managing your nonprofit organization's finances.
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Every Nonprofit's Tax Guide Details

How to Keep Your Tax-Exempt Status & Avoid IRS Problems

This step-by-step resource is an essential tax reference for any minister and their nonprofit organization. Whether you are a seasoned operator of a non-profit, or are just starting out, this comprehensive tax guide will answer all your questions and teach your more than expected. Topics such as:

  • non-profit bookkeeping
  • rules and regulations for charitable giving
  • restrictions on lobbying and any political activity
  • conflicts of interest / rules on compensation
  • and a detailed overview and instruction on IRS form 990 and 990-EZ.

Ministers with a nonprofit explore privileges that other organizations do not. And with these wonderful privileges there are special IRS obligations to adhere to.

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