Guide To Funerals

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ULC has published this Guide to Funerals to walk ministers through performing funerals, from the planning phase to actual different services of various faiths.
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Guide To Funerals Details

The Universal Life Church has assembled the Guide to Funerals to help you performing the service successfully, from start to finish. The Guide to Funerals booklet contains a brief overview of various cultural traditions and faiths, an easy-to-read outline of the funeral service, useful tips on how to communicate with friends and family members, various logistical concerns that might arise, and essential phrases to help you to perform a wonderful service.

This how-to book is great for any ministers that are new to the funeral process, and a great refresher for the more seasoned practitioner. You may find that performing funerals can be a bit of a traumatic experience for the families and friends of someone they have lost. Being prepared with the key items for performing a funeral service is necessary. This guide will help you as the performing minister to alleviate any concerns that you or the group might have.

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