Guide to Baptism

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The Guide to Baptisms will walk you through performing the rite of baptism. Learn how to prepare for the service, conduct it, and annoint believers with oil.
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Has someone asked you to perform a baptism ceremony for their child? If so, you may not know where to begin. As a new minister, you will find this guide helpful in giving you the basics that will assist you in assembling a memorable and thoughtful service. Guide to Baptism is a booklet that shows you various common practices for performing a baptism and gives you a well-rounded overview of what to expect for performing your first baptism.

A rite of baptism is important to many Christians, as it welcomes a new believer into the faith. The booklet includes a history of the practice of baptisms, contains its ceremonial significance, has a comprehensive breakdown on performing the rite, has a helpful sample script to follow, and shows suggested readings for the Bible and other holy works that are relevant to baptisms.

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