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California Wedding Kit

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This package has everything you'll want to perform a wedding in California, as well as in many other states.

Step #1 — Choose your addons

  • Letter of Good Standing

    Letter of Good Standing
  • Protective Certificate Holder

    Protective Certificate Holder
  • Protective ID Sleeve

    Protective ID Sleeve
  • Premium Diploma Holder

    Premium Diploma Holder
  • Printed Marriage Certificate

    Printed Marriage Certificate

Step #2 — Set your options, then add to cart

Global — Options

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If you are getting ordained specifically to perform a wedding, please select the location of the area in which the marriage license will be filed. If you don't plan on performing a wedding in the near future, just select the location where you live.

Have the details for your first wedding printed by our team on one of your included wedding certificates - $3.00

Letter of Good Standing — Options

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Printed Marriage Certificate — Options

Enter the date that the couple intends to get married

The bride or partner one's name

The groom or partner two's name

The wedding location as it will appear on the wedding certificate

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California Wedding Kit Details

This Package Contains:

  • 1 Ordination Credential
  • 1 Wallet Card
  • 1 Clergy Badge
  • 1 A Wedding Ceremony to Remember Book
  • 1 The Human Timeline of Mythology and Religion
  • 1 ULC Shield Gold Foil Marriage Certificate
  • 2 Marriage Certificates

Please carefully check the information you enter in the fields below for accuracy. The Wallet Card will print up with the exact information you provide. Reprints cannot be issued to correct any mistakes you make while typing in your information.

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