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Will there be Female Bishops in England by the End of 2014While there are some developing countries that do not even ordain women as priests, there are other countries that have already begun ordaining them as bishops. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States all recognize the equality of women and allow them to be ordained as bishops in Anglican churches. England has not quite followed suit. Until recently, the legislation has blocked and rejected drafts regarding female bishops, which has caused a crisis within the church. Many powerful women and their female and male supporters have worked hard to make a change.

Powerful Women

With the amount of powerful women in the world today, it is almost essential that they are in authoritative positions in organizations around the globe. At Universal Life Church, we believe in the equality of men and women in organized and unorganized religions. Recently, the governing body of the Church of England voted in favor of ordained female bishops. With only eight votes against and 378 votes in favor, some women could be ordained as bishops near the end of 2014, which is something that we rejoice in.

Why are Women Important in Senior Clergy

Many who disagree with the decision to allow women to become bishops may wonder what the big fuss is all about. They may believe that Christ only chose male apostles for a reason, and that is how the clergy of the church should remain. In a study conducted by the Hartford Institute for Religion Research, 250 pastors were randomly selected and asked how they feel clergymen and clergywomen differ in the way they do their job. The following results were concluded:

  • Clergywomen are more sensitive to the individual needs of their members.
  • Clergywomen pull from their own experiences when they preach, making it more personal for the congregation.
  • Clergywomen are perhaps less interested in the politics and power of the job.
  • Clergywomen are more likely to make cooperative decisions for their congregation, rather than using their authority.

Although men play an obvious and important role in senior clergy, this study shows that women play an important role as well. By the end of 2014, women all over England will more than likely have the opportunity to be ordained as senior clergy. Doing so will improve the way they serve their church and their communities.

With England stepping up to the plate and offering equality for the women of the church, there may come a need for easier and quicker ordination. At Universal Life Church, our ordination certificates are obtained easily, allowing the powerful women of the Anglican Church to do what they believe is their right and responsibility. This will show religious and non religious individuals all over that globe that equality is essential in every aspect of life.

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