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Beautiful Dessert TableSome wedding traditions seem like integral components in the process. The cake, for example, has been a fixture at receptions for generations. While dessert is the perfect way of putting the cap on a big meal, plenty of people could care less about cake. If you find yourself unenthused about selecting one, it might be a good idea to reframe the task. Instead of focusing solely on cake as the centerpiece of your dessert experience, you might enjoy broadening your horizons and looking at sweets that appeal more to your taste. 

Why Is Cake So Important? 

Cake tends to be a focal point of many celebrations. Whether someone is celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or milestone with a job, a cake always seems to be close by. With weddings, the ritual can actually be traced back to Ancient Rome. Scholars believe that the modern concept of the cake originated with the tradition of breaking a wheat scone over the head of the bride. The idea was to use this symbol of fertility to bestow fortune on the happy couple. This is also where the concept of the couple smashing cake in each other’s faces may have begun. 

Why Ditch the Cake?

In truth, the cake has no real importance to the wedding outside of fulfilling the role of being the main focus of dessert. While cutting the confection becomes an exciting moment during the reception, the same energy can be captured with any dessert. If you don’t like cake, then you don’t need to go crazy finding the right fit for your big day. There are a lot of great desserts out there to please you and your guests. 

Go for a Personalized Experience

A popular dessert trend in recent years is to offer personalized plates to each guest. Much like options are given at dinner between a handful of meals, you can give your friends and family the opportunity to select their own sweets. This is a great chance to get fancy with your desserts and offer delicacies like matcha tiramisu, molten lava cakes, or peach cobbler. Many caterers are more than happy to work with you and come up with a menu that perfectly reflects the dessert options you want to offer on your big day. 

Offer an Array of Possibilities 

Cocktail hours are popular during weddings because they allow guests the chance to mingle and sample a variety of appetizers and small plates before the reception begins. If you want to end your night on an upbeat note, consider offering dessert in the same fashion. A buffet of cookies, brownies, fruit, ice cream, candy, and other treats provides the perfect way to bring the night to a close. This gives your guests the chance to pick what appeals most from a selection that includes all of the classic staples of the dessert world. 

Have a Cake for Show

Couples who decide not to have a huge wedding cake can still include this confection in a more symbolic way. Cutting a donut or cookie in front of a crowd doesn’t carry the same weight as slicing a decorated cake. If you still want to highlight this moment during your wedding, you can have a small cake made for the specific purpose of cutting it. Not only can this be an easy way to add a sense of tradition to your event, guests who really want a slice of cake can be given the symbolic confection during dessert. 

Though many wedding rituals seem like they absolutely need to be a part of your big day, you actually have total control over which options make the final cut. When cake doesn’t appeal to your taste buds, feel free to explore all the delicious alternatives available. In no time, you’ll discover the perfect way to add a touch of sweetness to your nuptials. 

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