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weird wedding ulcSaying, "I Do" to Weird Weddings

When most people dream of their wedding day, they imagine a white dress, a picturesque location, and a delicious cake. For some, this means living out one of the happiest days of their lives in an incredibly unique, and sometimes downright wacky ways. Here are a few weird weddings from some of the most imaginative brides and grooms out there.

You May Now Bite the Bride

With the rise of Twilight, so came the romantic notions of the vampire themed wedding. While some couples pay homage to the series with a Halloween ceremony date and a set of fangs, a few couples take the term "'til death do us part" seriously with a completely ghoulish extravaganza. From being driven up to the ceremony site in a hearse to sporting pale-faced make-up and bloodstains, these couples take weird weddings to the dark side.

I Need a Hero

While a few individuals can never get enough of their favorite comic book heroes, some couples take it to the extreme with a superhero themed wedding. One couple from Devon, England, brought this theme to the next level as they dressed up as Batman and Wonder Woman to recite their vows in front of friends and family. Of course, their guests were also dressed to impress as they donned the recognizable costumes of characters such as the Joker, Yoda, and the entire cast of The Incredibles.

Level Up

Video game themed weddings continue to gain popularity as the gaming industry thrives. Some couples are content to say "I Do" with small hints of their favorite games littered about their ceremony and reception site. Others take the theme very seriously and focus their entire day on recreating their beloved digital world. Ranging from Mario and Princess Peach ceremonies, to Halo themed weddings full of patrons sporting full body armor, some imaginative gamers have very unique ways of celebrating their special day.

When commemorating their union, some couples choose to start their lives together in the most unique and unusual ways. While these weird weddings are not for everyone, they certainly create a memorable day for couples and patrons alike.

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