Weddings for the Record BooksSome couples dream of a classic storybook wedding, deeply traditional down to the last detail. Others have a different book in mind when they set out to plan their big event. These happy couples seek to distinguish their celebration by making a bit of history in the process of saying "I do." The occasion becomes an opportunity to join in some adventure while uniting their lives in marriage. The following is a brief guide to setting a new standard at your celebration, with a short list of successful challenges to follow.

How to Have Your Wedding Go Down in History

Breaking a record takes a certain amount of preparation and a familiarity with what conditions may apply. A record may meet certain basic criteria. It must be measurable, breakable, be able to be standardized, be verifiable, have only one variable and be somewhat universal. Guinness World Book of Records offers a few guidelines for people who wish to add an element of sport to their nuptials:

  • Start an application online for free
  • Challenges may neither be too easy nor too specific to the individuals and thereby unbreakable.
  • Challenges may not threaten injury to spectators or animals.
  • In challenges that involve large amounts of food, Guinness rules stipulate that leftover food should be consumed or distributed for consumption after the record attempt. While this may pose a challenge unto itself, it may simplify the reception menu if you choose to make the world's largest crab cake.

Largest Prison Ceremony

In 2000, the Carandiru correction facility of Sao Paolo, Brazil, hosted a wedding service for 120 prisoners and their fiancés, making it the biggest incarcerated marriage celebration ever.

Hog Wild

Also in 2000, a celebration in Bratislava, Slovakia, boasted a procession of 597 motorcycles, putting it in the running for loudest service as well.

Most Oysters Sacrificed

A bride in Japan walked the aisle in 2012 in a dress bedazzled with a record-breaking 13,262 cultured Akoya pearls.

Most Guests Wearing Oxygen Tanks

In Poland in 2011, a wedding got into the record books with an underwater service attended by 303 scuba divers, including the officiant. The bubbly served later at the on-land reception was said to be anti-climactic.

Biggest Dinner Tab

The most expensive reception meal in recorded history was served to 150,000 guests in 1995. The feast came in at $23,299,162., with the cost for the menu alone at $621,311. It is said the event was in the running for longest buffet line, as well.

Moved to Tiers

A business in Connecticut produced the largest cake ever for the New England bridal showcase. The confection weighed down the display table at a calorie-rich 15,032 pounds. While there was no bride nor groom to cut the cake, event attendees enjoyed every crumb of the showcase prop.

Waiting for a Train

The record for longest trailing accessory goes to a Lebanese bride who wore a veil that measured 11,017 feet and .05 inches. There was no word on the length of the aisle, nor on the number of attendants it took to carry it behind the bride, but the veil is rumored to have had its own seat in the limo.

Fido's Feast

The biggest dog wedding to date took place in 2007, with 178 canine "couples" tying the knot or chewing it.

Lightest Celebration

A couple arranged to get married in a converted Boeing 727-200, achieving the first zero-gravity service. While there was some training involved before the event, no dieting was deemed necessary.

Fastest Stroll up the Aisle

In 2011, a bride in the United Kingdom took home the prize for fastest marathon completed in a wedding dress. She finished with a time of 4 hours, 11 minutes and 0 seconds. The veil stayed in place the entire time.

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