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Wedding Cornhole GameFrom dancing to drinking to socializing, there are plenty of ways guests stay busy while attending a wedding. Still, you might find that your itinerary leaves a bit more downtime than you initially realized. Whether you have a long cocktail hour or the caterers require extra time to prep dinner, it can be helpful to consider different ways to keep your guests entertained. There are plenty of fun games to fit the mood of your big day. Not only will this keep family and friends occupied, but some extra activities can also make your event a truly memorable experience for all.

Outdoor Excitement

Outdoor weddings offer a lot of flexibility in terms of entertainment. To give guests something worthwhile to do, create stations for different lawn games. One of the more popular options available is cornhole. This activity has long been a go-to option at picnics and tailgating events, as it only requires a handful of beanbags and at least two cornhole boards. Some couples will decorate the boards to match the themes of their weddings and give the game a personalized touch. 

Another perfect fit for an event held outside is badminton. Guests who enjoy a bit of friendly competition will have a blast breaking into teams, grabbing some rackets, and seeing who can score the most points. If you’re trying to cultivate an event that carries a sophisticated air, games like croquet or bocce ball can be ideal choices. Should your wedding be more relaxed in tone, ping pong is a great fit. For couples on a budget, consider renting the equipment for outdoor games from a local supply company instead of rushing out and buying all the necessary components. 

Larger Than Life

Adding a few games to your wedding day offers the opportunity to give guests an experience they have never encountered before. For example, some couples take the concept of “go big or go home” to new heights by providing oversized versions of familiar activities. Instead of playing chess on a standard board, you can give guests the chance to play on a giant board where the pieces are several feet high. If your crowd isn’t into the complexity of chess, you can create the same excitement with an enlarged game of checkers. 

There are a ton of different ways to explore the concept of oversized games for your wedding. Whether you grab large blocks of wood for a giant game of Jenga or you utilize huge pieces of paper and markers for some big tic tac toe showdowns, there are many easy options that will delight your guests. 

Table Games

For games played while guests are seated at their tables, try to be as simple as possible. You don’t want to overcrowd the space, so consider activities that have minimal pieces. Create a crossword puzzle or a word search and print a few copies for each table. This will allow family and friends the chance to work together and have a few laughs as they figure out the answers. Printing lists of icebreaker questions can also be a fun way to get your guests to interact with each other.

All About You

Since this is your big day, there’s nothing wrong with making the games all about you. Trivia questions about your relationship can be a perfect way to stay the center of attention. If you want to get silly with the game, create a personalized Mad Lib that guests can fill out and share with each other as they indulge in a few drinks before dinner. 

When it comes to keeping your guests entertained during your wedding, there are plenty of engaging games worth exploring. Find an idea that works for your theme and your budget, and give the crowd an extra bit of fun.

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