charity weddingReality television may still like a good bridal tantrum, but in the actual world, many couples are finding ways to be more generous even while in the midst of organizing their big day. It may be seen in part as a response to extravagant celebrations that take months of planning and are over in a matter of hours. Couples are finding ways to deepen the experience by associating their event with charitable giving before, during and after the ceremony. The following are just a few ideas for promoting a bit of philanthropy on the way to the wedding.

At the Shower

Make a non-perishable food drive a part of the bridal shower. At the end of the day you may have quite a healthy box of packaged and canned food items to donate to the local food bank, as well as some nice new lingerie to take on your honeymoon.

Give the Gift of Giving

For some guests, the only acceptable gift is one that may be wrapped up with a bow and displayed on the gift table at the reception. Others may welcome a chance to do something different. It is possible to include options for charitable giving on your wedding registry. You may make the option known on your own announcement page or simply allow people to discover it themselves on the registry.

Share the Love With a Not-for-Profit

A great way to support a favorite organization or cause may be to rent their space for your reception. Not only does it put a few bucks in the coffers of a worthy organization, it may offer a fun and unique setting as well. Possibilities include:

  • Museum
  • Nature conservancy
  • Community center
  • Historical society

Organize a Group Event

Instead of a bridal party spa day, consider organizing an activity for the group that helps the community. You could volunteer to do yard work or highway clean up, or help out in a local community kitchen. If the location supports it, head out afterward for a picnic or make for the local hot springs.

Shop Where They Give Back

Use your purchasing power wisely when shopping for goods and services for your celebration. Many organizations donate a portion of sales to charity. Take a little time to search for companies that share their profits with causes you and your partner support. You may even wish to apply for a credit card issued by a company that practices this kind of giving, and use it exclusively for wedding purchases.

Family First

Giving does not always have to be about money. Time and attention are most valuable as well. Weddings are often an opportunity for the whole family to convene in one place. Perhaps there are some older relatives with some life stories to tell. It may be a wonderful gift for all generations to record some family history as told by the eldest members.

Stick to a Budget

This one may be tough, but it may be quite rewarding as well. Make a celebration budget with your partner and stick to it. Without obsessing, seek out bargains where they make sense. In the happy event that you come in under budget, you may donate the difference to the worthy cause of your choice.

Enjoy a Charitable Honeymoon

If you and your beloved are not the lazing-on-the-tropical-isle types, you may wish to think about taking a trip to somewhere that could use your help. You and your partner may have a wonderful time helping to build a house or planting trees together.

A Chance to Share

When two people decide to marry in front of witnesses, they share their promise of love and commitment to one another. Many modern couples are seeking to underscore that sentiment by finding ways to share their time, money and attention as part of the ritual of marriage.

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