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Why You Should Use Get Ordained To Become a Minister

You can officiate wedding ceremonies for friends and family or even complete strangers if you get ordained through the ULC Monastery.

  • You can officiate wedding ceremonies for friends and family or even complete strangers if you become ordained through Get Ordained and the ULC Monastery.*

Do you have friends who would like to get married, but who do not have anyone they know who can perform the service for them? One way you can help them is to visit Get Ordained and become a minister online so you can be their wedding officiant. Most counties and local governments will allow you to perform weddings if you become a pastor through the Universal Life Church. It is easy, inexpensive and simple and makes it possible for you to perform a wedding almost anywhere in the United States.

What is the Universal Life Church?

The Universal Life Church is a non-profit, non-denominational organization that helps people become legally ordained ministers. It is not affiliated with any specific religious organization or belief system. It does not cost anything to become ordained through their organization but you may need to buy certain forms of ministerial documentation from them if you want to become registered as a wedding officiant.

Officiate A Wedding

It is becoming increasingly common for people to not have any religious affiliation. As a result, they may not feel comfortable turning to a church or religious organization they do not know when they want to get married. If you are ordained through the Universal Life Church, however, you can offer to perform wedding ceremonies that are not religiously affiliated or blend the traditions and practices of a number of different faith systems.

You can also offer customized wedding services that integrate the spiritual beliefs of each couple. Whether they want to write their own ceremony from scratch, integrate readings from several different spiritual belief systems or simply want someone to perform a simple ceremony for them, you can provide those services to them once you are registered with the county clerk of the county where the wedding will be located in.

Make Money By Performing Weddings

If you decide that you want to perform wedding ceremonies as a regular service to earn supplemental income or even as a full-time job, you can find clients through a number of different channels. One way is to network with local wedding planners and wedding service vendors. By leaving brochures, cards and informational marketing materials with wedding planners and wedding vendors, brides and couples looking for all different types of wedding services will be exposed to your information.

Being a wedding officiant through the ULC gives you the almost unrivaled ability to make any couple

  • Being a wedding officiant through the ULC gives you the almost unrivaled ability to make any couple's wedding day wonderful.*

Another way to generate wedding clients is to use social media marketing. Once you have become a pastor with the Universal Life Church, you can begin to develop a following on Twitter, Facebook and other social media services and sites. For example, you might make a short post on saving money on a wedding by using your services on your Facebook wall, or tweet images of the weddings you perform on your Twitter account.

If you get permission from the couples, you can also post videos of weddings you perform on video networking sites such as Vimeo and YouTube. There is no better way to demonstrate your skills as a wedding officiant than to show the beauty of the wedding ceremonies you perform to the world. Make sure that you include a description of the type of wedding service you perform and a link to your website as well as a way to contact you. Include targeted keywords that help potential clients find you in your description.

Weddings are a wonderful celebration of couples' commitments, and it is tremendously fulfilling to be a key component of couples' days of bliss. Whether you want to perform a wedding service for same-sex couples or for people who simply want a personalized wedding ceremony, getting ordained with the Universal Life Church is an excellent way to make this possible.

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