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Be Our Guest GraphicWhen you hit a certain age in life, people you know are going to start getting married at a much more rapid pace. Before you can even say “I do,” you’re going to notice your calendar filling up with engagement parties, showers, and weddings held all over the world. While it is lovely to be able to bask in the comfort and joy of two people tying the knot, it can also be expensive and take a lot out of you. On top of the travel and associated costs, there are also customs you have to pay attention to.

People have a lot of opinions on how guests should and should not behave at a wedding. If you have a lot of ceremonies to attend in the near future, you might want to take a moment to look over some popular myths about guest etiquette. Check out these suggestions and prepare yourself.

Start With the Couple

“All weddings are the same” is perhaps the biggest misconception people have when it comes to being a guest. While some customs and rituals may follow similar patterns, each wedding is ultimately unique because it celebrates a specific union between two individuals. Due to this, you do not want to assume anything about how to behave at the event based on previous experiences. If you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming celebration, your best bet is to turn to the couple getting married and ask them directly.

Some people might be totally fine with you wearing a more casual outfit to their receptions. Other people, however, may have very strict guidelines on what they want guests to wear. When the invitation does not expressly state information you need to know, you should contact the couple. Asking the people getting married how they would like you to dress or act can help you avoid more uncomfortable situations later on at the actual event. Of course, if you know the couple well enough already, then you probably already know what they will and won’t be okay with.

The More the Merrier

Another common misconception people have when they have not been to too many weddings is that anyone invited to a reception is welcome to bring a guest. Weddings can be a bit costly for everyone involved but the couple tying the knot tends to foot the biggest bill. This means countless hours have been spent figuring out how many guests the couple can actually afford to have present at their event. Assuming you can bring a guest when your invitation does not clearly state you can is a very bad idea.

In almost all cases, you are going to receive an invitation that tells you whether or not you can include a “+1” when you attend. If you feel like you really need to bring a guest but you were not given the option, then you absolutely must speak with the couple directly. Making any assumptions or deciding to just bring someone along can throw off everything from seating charts to meals to general safety.

Colorful Choices

Finally, there are many people who believe wearing black to a wedding is in bad taste. Since black is a color often associated with funerals and other events related to sorrow, some believe wearing black to a wedding is inviting bad fortune. This is an older myth that has spread over the generations and it has very little basis. Most people will not think twice about someone wearing black to a wedding so feel free to wear what you please.

You do not need to stress too much about being a guest at a wedding. Most couples are taking more casual approaches to marriage and this has changed some of the older rules surrounding these events. Still, always ask when you are uncertain and stay in good standing with the happy couple.

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