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Clothing ChoicesBeing asked to take on the role of officiant can be exciting. Of course, you always want to be sure that you learn about the duties of your station. Beyond the basic steps of becoming a registered minister online and coming up with a script that will do justice to the happy couple, you also need to think about what you are going to wear. It may not seem like the most important part of the process, but knowing what wedding officiant attire you should don can definitely have an impact on the experience.

While important, there’s no need to lose sleep over this decision. Give these tips some consideration in order to find the perfect fit for your upcoming event.

What Do Officiants Wear?

The first question you need to ask yourself is, “What is considered wedding officiant clothing?” Since you’re likely not a religious official in the traditional sense, wearing ceremonial garb that a priest or rabbi might can seem odd. Conversely, showing up in jeans and a polo is also going to be off the mark. This is a formal event, but you don’t want to outshine the couple by wearing something that is more impressive than their outfits. Though there are overlapping restrictions and considerations, the simple answer is that officiants wear what the couple wants them to. 

Talk to the Couple

Since the couple asked you to take on this role, it makes sense that you would confer with them first and foremost when it comes to figuring out your wedding officiant dress. Even if you know exactly what to wear because you’ve presided over several marriages over the years, you still want to talk to the couple about what they expect. This is their big day, and you need to make sure you are taking the lead from them at every possible turn. Making assumptions is the easiest way to cause an upset.

Look at Examples

You may wind up in a scenario where the couple doesn’t have any strong feelings one way or the other about what you wear. Though freeing on the one hand, this level of flexibility can also be stressful. When the entirety of the decision is placed on your shoulders, you may feel like selecting the wrong wedding officiant robe is going to reflect poorly on your ability to officiate the event. Thankfully, the internet is a phenomenal resource when it comes to discovering a little bit of inspiration.

Head online and review examples of what ministers and similar individuals wear. Try to look at images that align with the style of ceremony the couple you’ll be officiating has planned. While you won’t copy the outfit outright, seeing different styles of wedding officiant robes will be useful in putting together your look.

Consider the Space

Another easy way to find an outfit that works for your event is by considering the venue itself. It stands to reason the couple has already provided you with information on where the wedding will take place. If possible, visit the location on your own time and get a feel for the overall vibe. If it isn’t nearby, the internet is again a valuable tool in researching the general aesthetic of a wedding venue. Aligning what you wear with how the space is designed can be a nice way to complement the scene via your officiant outfit.

Picking the perfect outfit when you officiate a wedding isn’t a process you should rush through. In order to feel satisfied by your final decision and make the couple happy that they asked you to officiate, think about the choice. Look at examples, review information about wedding officiant titles, and feel prepared to take on this task.

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