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Wedding Reception in a RestaurantWhile many couples hire a full-service wedding caterer and hold their receptions in traditional venues, this isn’t your only option for throwing a spectacular post-ceremony party with delicious eats. Backyard potlucks and food trucks are both popular modern trends, but the restaurant reception is a timeless option that isn’t going away anytime soon. With the right logistics and prudent budgeting, holding your shindig in your favorite eatery is easier than ever before.

The Advantages of a Restaurant Reception

As Brides online writer Jaimie Mackey points out, throwing your after-ceremony bash in a restaurant has its advantages. You already know and love the venue’s cuisine, and it’s a great alternative to standard reception fare. Furthermore, you can pull off something truly special, such as selecting the place where the two of you had your first date. Also, the charm of your venue’s ambiance and décor can help you create the atmosphere and look you desire for your event.

Are Restaurants Busy During Wedding Season?

To enjoy these and other potential benefits, you’ll need to keep a few important things in mind. Diane Forden of Bridal Guide reveals that the busy season for restaurants can differ drastically from traditional reception locations. While banquet halls are popular during the spring and summer months, many eateries find that the winter holiday season is their busiest time of the year. To ensure that you can score your first choice and give your preferred establishment enough planning time, get in touch with its management at least six months prior to your event date.

Hints for Organizing Your Special Affair

The same factors that impact the planning of a banquet hall reception also apply when you’re holding your affair in a dining establishment. You’ll need to focus on your wedding’s guest count, budget and theme, as well as ensure that you collaborate effectively with outside vendors to ensure everything goes smoothly. Wedding Lovely offers some useful wisdom for booking and arranging your restaurant reception:

  • Confirm that the eatery has enough space to accommodate your guests
  • Make sure your choice of venue harmonizes well with your event theme
  • Vary your menu selections to give attendees plenty of food options
  • Verify the final total cost of food, drink and services

Besides following these pieces of advice, you’ll also want to check with your location if there will be other parties on the same day. Depending on the restaurant you select, you may wish to schedule your event during a time in which there are no other reservations. That way, you’ll be given first priority by the staff. Not only that, you’ll also want to work with your florist to choose décor that fits the mood of your special day, complements the ambiance of your location and that will be permitted by restaurant management. Finally, don’t forget to factor in room for a dance floor as you’re mapping out your plans.

Let Them Eat Cake?

One caveat you should consider in planning your restaurant reception is your choice of dessert. You may have your heart set on a multitiered white frosted wonder, but your venue might not permit this or it may impose an expensive cake slicing fee. It’s wise to know your establishment’s rules, and you may wish to have the in-house chefs whip up a dessert for your party.

Treating your invitees to a restaurant-hosted reception offers you many advantages: a comfortable atmosphere, delicious food and a unique aesthetic. However, executing the perfect affair takes a little bit of effort. Making sure your desired locale is available, roomy and budget-friendly are just a few of the things on your to-do list. It’s also essential to work with restaurant management and outside vendors to craft a wonderful and memorable ending to your wedding day.

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