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Kissing Couple at an Earth-Friendly WeddingWouldn’t it be great to tie the knot with a wedding ceremony that was more eco-friendly? Your special day is about formalizing the union between you and the love of your life, but you can also show your love for the planet with a few intentional choices regarding the ceremony and any associated events. Small changes can have a sizeable impact when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint of your special day. Here are some ideas for greener nuptials.

Put an Ethical Ring on It

When deciding on engagement rings and wedding bands, it’s important to source your jewelry ethically. Choose jewelers that use conflict-free gemstones as well as recycled metals. Websites such as Ethical Making are great resources for buyers who want to purchase ethically made jewelry. Consider the use of lab-grown diamonds, which are not only more socially and environmentally responsible than mined diamonds but are also significantly less expensive, saving you money. One can debate about the continentality of a kiss on the hand, but lab-grown gemstones can be a sustainably minded person’s best friend.

Go Vintage

Another green option for your wedding day is using recycled attire and jewelry. There are plenty of places to buy vintage dresses online. Brides for a Cause sells recycled gowns collected from individuals, designers and bridal shops. You can save money buying secondhand dresses, and a portion of the proceeds goes to various charitable efforts. Consider using recycled jewelry, including family heirlooms, for engagement or wedding jewelry. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something GREEN” may be different from what folks expect, but it does have a nice “ring” to it.

Use Eco-Friendly Invitations

These days, there are various ways of making your invitations more eco-friendly:

  • Recycled paper: A classic go-to for sustainability
  • Alternate materials: Repurposed fabric, wood and other second-use materials
  • Seed paper: Paper that yields flowers when planted

You may consider forgoing paper invitations altogether and going 100% digital. There are companies that specialize in crafting and distributing digital invitations. You may opt for a DIY approach by leveraging social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for inviting attendees and distributing event information.

Go Outdoors

An outdoor space may be the perfect venue for a couple looking for a greener wedding. Nature is often the best backdrop, with lush, verdant trees and beautiful blossoms. You have all the décor elements for a beautiful celebration, and the reduction in energy usage makes an alfresco event an appreciably greener option. Indoor lighting can’t compete with natural sunlight. Moreover, you can choose a national park for your venue, the cost of which goes toward preservation funding.

Choose Responsible Menus

Look for caterers that provide sustainably sourced foods. These caterers work with local farmers for food items, which eliminates the carbon emissions associated with shipping food across the nation or overseas. Go with a menu that is made up of foods that are not only locally available but in season also. Look for beverages that are also responsibly sourced, including the packaging. Generally, single-use packaging increases the amount of waste. Prioritize larger and recyclable bottling when choosing wines, beers and spirits.

Rent Often, Buy Seldom

As you plan the details of your nuptials, look for opportunities to rent items instead of buying. Look for venues, vendors and service providers that rent and re-use equipment and décor. Avoid using paper and plastic dinnerware that can only be used once before being thrown away, where they’ll ultimately become landfill waste. Rented tableware, including cutlery and drinkware, will look great for your event while also being more eco-friendly.

Tying the knot in front of family and loved ones is the main goal for a wedding celebration. Consider making small, intentional choices that ultimately result in an event that is also more environmentally responsible. It’s not only a great choice for your big day, but it’s also a great start to your life together.

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