Blue and White Wedding CupcakesThe wedding industry sees a ton of fads come and go on a routine basis. While most will fall to the wayside as newer options appear, there are plenty with staying power. As the new year approaches, plenty of couples are planning for their nuptials. If you’re curious, now is a perfect time to look into the trends that will be sticking around for the foreseeable future. Scan these ideas and see if any seem worthy of incorporating into your own celebration.

Keeping the Event Simple

Over the last few years, traditions involving long-winded speeches and toasts have become less popular. While couples are still allowing certain people to say a few words during the ceremony, it is not as commonplace as it once was. If you’re on the fence about whether you should allow your maid of honor the freedom of giving a toast after a few drinks, it might be best to do away with this part of the celebration. Simplicity is key for the modern wedding, meaning anything that is going to cause a bump should be put on the chopping block.

Should you decide to go with speeches at your ceremony, be specific with the speakers about the time they are allowed. A length of five minutes at the most should be acceptable. As long as the night keeps moving at a pace you enjoy, there’s no need to avoid the toasts. 

Miniature Desserts

Cake trends change almost as often as general wedding fads. Typically, the general look or flavor of the most popular cakes will change. The latest trend, however, involves the actual size and number of the desserts. Instead of making one large cake as a centerpiece, couples are opting for miniature desserts. This makes serving dessert a lot easier and gives each guest a treat that is a bit more visually appealing than a simple slice of cake. Just as with normal wedding cakes, there are countless flavors and designs you can consider for your minis. 

Alternative Times

Only a few years ago, the idea of having a wedding on a weekday or a Sunday night would have surprised people. This is no longer the case. With fewer people working what is considered traditional hours these days, it has become the norm to schedule big events whenever the couple finds most appropriate. This fad has become especially popular because some nearlyweds are able to save a significant chunk of change by booking a date that is not particularly desirable to the average couple planning a wedding. 

Naturally, you should be mindful of your guests when making this decision. Though it is common, you may still have a considerable number of family members and friends who can’t easily commit to a Tuesday wedding. Before setting anything in stone, weigh your options and get a better idea of how your decision will impact your guests.

Bold Colors

Whites and neutral colors have always been go-to palettes for weddings. This has changed lately, with plenty of couples opting for events that feature strong, bold colors. Whether your venue features walls painted in bright shades or you decide to wear an outfit that breaks from tradition, a splash of color can easily change the event for the better. With this trend sticking around, plenty of couples are relishing in the chance to infuse some real life into their events. 

Though wedding trends might change at an alarming rate, there are still plenty that transform from fads to staples in a few short years. Keep your ear to the ground and learn more about the popular options that don’t seem to be fading as the next year approaches. However, when all is said and done, your wedding should always be finalized around selecting what you prefer and not what is considered cool. 

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