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Some days, it’s easy to find wedding inspiration. But sometimes, couples may struggle to discover details that uniquely reflect their aesthetics and personalities. Perhaps you’ve browsed board after board on Pinterest yet come up with nothing. There’s also the practical side: Maybe you don’t want to drop a small fortune on flowers you’ll only see for one day. But have no fear, dear reader. Keep reading for some avant-garde and inexpensive ideas for standout wedding floral arrangements.

Add Unusual Greenery

Greenery with wedding flowers isn’t anything new, but florists have expanded their selections. You have so many options for creating unique arrangements. lists popular varieties along with their growing seasons. You’ll notice several that are available year-round. Amaranthus is a lush plant that grows in tall stalks with tightly packed clusters of tiny blooms. It comes in many shades, but the green versions are most favored by florists.

Other uncommon choices include olive, palmetto, and lemon leaves. Solidago leaves from goldenrod plants come in pale green – you’ll sometimes see them with paler yellow tips. Dusty miller is another great choice with its hardy constitution and silvery-grey leaves.  

Select Sturdy Succulents

When you think about wedding flowers, you picture, well…flowers. But succulents are gorgeous and hearty alternatives to standard blooms. There’s also no shortage of sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from. Some varieties even resemble flowers – for example, echeverias and ghost plants. Larger succulents can easily stand in for statement flowers while costing much less. Martha Stewart Weddings offers plenty of inspo for wedding bouquets.

Of course, you don’t have to limit succulents to your wedding party flowers. Brides’ Gabriella Rello shows how you can incorporate them into centerpieces, place settings, escort cards, and more. Flower Glossary has an extensive guide to both common and uncommon types. Consult with your florist to choose varieties that work best for your arrangements.

Procure Some Fresh Produce

For wedding décor inspiration, some couples are looking in their gardens – or their grocer’s produce department. Fruits and vegetables bring visual interest with their huge range of colors, shapes, and textures. They’re most at home in centerpieces and table arrangements, where they pair well with flowers and greenery. Hillary Hoffower shows several ideas ranging from simple setups to intricate displays in a January 2021 Brides article.

With a little creativity, fruits and vegetables can also play starring roles in your wedding party arrangements. The Budget Savvy Bride has examples of DIY bouquets with artichokes and greenery, fruit paired with flowers, and succulents mixed with berry clusters.

Choose Statement Blooms Carefully

Statement blooms can give your arrangements a majestic look. The key is to use them judiciously. One typical approach is using one large flower per arrangement, paired with less expensive flowers or greenery. Think of big blooms like steak – you could eat one in a single sitting, but not five. Dinner-plate dahlias are just one example, but you can rock other varieties like proteas, anemones, and peonies. Your bouquets and décor pieces will get your guests’ attention without cleaning out your wallet.

Dare To Go Dried

You’d expect dried flowers after a wedding. But as part of the big day’s décor? Absolutely! Dried blooms are making a comeback, as One Fab Day reports. Since they work with many styles and themes, they’re incredibly versatile. You can get some great recommendations from your florist, but sturdier varieties dry better than delicate ones.

A limited wedding budget can prompt couples to get creative. But when money’s no object, thinking outside the box can still lead to wonderful ideas. Plenty of possibilities lie in unusual places – fruits, vegetables, dried flowers, succulents, and uncommon greenery. These atypical sources can inspire you to select unforgettable wedding flower arrangements.

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