Beautiful Wedding InvitationYou most likely want your wedding to be memorable to your guests. While the event is ultimately geared toward pleasing you and your significant other, you definitely need to keep attendees in mind when going through your plans. Shaking things up with your special day can be a great way to keep your guests invested, but you have to go about this the right way. You do not need to rent an elephant or host your wedding on a cliff in Dover to hold a memorable event. Sometimes, all you need to do is think in small ways.

Putting forth the effort to make little changes can have lasting impressions on your event. Get yourself in gear with a handful of these fun and simple ideas.

The Invitations

From the first moment you inform your potential guests of the wedding, you have the opportunity to put a fun spin on tradition. Friends and family will be anticipating your invites after you announce your engagement. Normally, an invitation will provide all of the necessary info on the date of a wedding and where it is being held. To get a little more from the process, consider adding an extra line on the RSVP cards where guests can have some fun.

Some couples want to have their guests feel like they’re involved with the fun of the event. On your invitation, leave space for guests to suggest songs for the DJ to play. When the day of your reception arrives, guests will get a thrill from hearing their tunes played throughout the night. You can also consider adding a line where guests can write favorite memories they have of you and your partner. These memories can be used in a number of ways at the event, like a slideshow of photos and quotes to add a sentimental touch to the night.

The Wedding Party

It can also be useful to think about the people in your wedding party. These men and women are most likely your closest confidants. Still, they may not know each other. When your party consists of a mixture of people you have known at different stages in your life, breaking the ice can be helpful. To really get everyone excited and ready for the event without feeling reserved about not knowing anyone, host a mixer. Bringing everyone in the party together for food and drinks early can help to ease everyone into the situation.

Adventurous couples might want to throw their friends and family members into a more engaging scenario. A field day a few days before your wedding can be the perfect way to kick up the fun factor of your special event. Bring together the members of the party in an outdoor place like a park. Spend the day playing team-building games and give out fun prizes to the people who win the most. This type of play can loosen everyone up and get them ready to work with each other for your special day.

The Special Drink

Nowadays, it is common for the cocktail hour of a wedding to feature a special drink selected by the happy couple. Working with a mixologist or bartender on this idea can be an interesting way to inject some excitement into your event. You and your partner can speak with a mixologist about concocting a unique drink that helps capture the essence of your relationship. Find the perfect blend and give your guests something tasty to sip while waiting for the reception to begin.

Making small changes to your special day can be a wonderful way to see big results. You are more likely to keep your guests happy and engaged when you plan your wedding with their needs in mind.

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