Casual Wedding ReceptionWith so many details to worry about as you approach the date of your wedding, it stands to reason you feel overwhelmed. This can easily be compounded when you look at blogs or Pinterest boards for inspiration and see images of perfectly crafted events. Though the pictures might present the idea of excellence, the reality is usually far from ideal. All couples struggle while wedding planning. The trick is figuring out which aspects to focus on to boost your event to the next level. Look over these tips to feel inspired.

Entrance Envy

First impressions matter in life. While the guests at your wedding already know you and your partner, this doesn’t mean they’ll know what to expect from your event. If you want to capture attention and create a specific ambiance, the entrance of the venue is a point to pay attention to. For example, hosting an outdoor wedding in a garden space offers a perfect opportunity to create a floral gate for guests to wander through. Similarly, an archway of gold and silver balloons helps to set the stage for an evening that is airy and bright.

Special Lighting 

One of the biggest constraints you’re likely dealing with while planning is your budget. It isn’t easy to take your wedding to the next level when you only have so much money to work with. If this is the case, the best solution is to focus on where your cash will make the biggest impact. Lighting is a great and inexpensive option to play around with. Hanging rows of string lights around a venue is a lovely and simple way to cultivate a warm, welcoming glow in the space without dropping a fortune along the way. 

Free Refreshments

Another area on which to focus your attention when your budget is limited is the bar. Guests at a wedding are not difficult to please. As long as you provide decent food, music to dance to, and lots of alcohol, your friends and family members will feel satisfied. While saving money with a cash bar can seem like a good idea, guests are likely going to feel upset that they need to pay for drinks. To make the best use of your budget, create a limited open bar with wine and beer and keep your crew satisfied.

Comfort Matters

A wedding tends to fly by, with guests getting up and down to dance and socialize throughout the course of the night. Still, there is plenty of time for people to sit. This means you should look into the most comfortable chair options. Older guests or people who have back problems might not be able to sit in flimsy or uncomfortable chairs for too long. If possible, work with the venue coordinator to look over what your options are for chairs and find seats that will be comfortable for your guests.

A Favorable Finish

Just as a first impression sets the tone for your wedding, the end of the night can play a big part in how a guest remembers your big day. While not standard, wedding favors are an interesting way to send guests off with a little reminder of the night. If this idea is appealing to you, try not to go overboard. Often, a few simple items that show your appreciation can be a touching way to thank the people closest to you for joining such an important celebration. 

Though it is often difficult to include everything you’d like in your wedding, it is entirely possible to improve how you feel about the event with a few small adjustments. Focus on the areas that matter most, and it will be much easier to feel satisfied with your big day.

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