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Showing AppreciationThe day you tied the knot with the love of your life was a day you’ll cherish forever. You spent much of the event surrounded by your closest friends and family members, celebrating love and the life ahead. Your heart is filled with gratitude for the people in the wedding party and other invited guests who showered you and your spouse with love in the form of well wishes, gifts and support. You may be in the process of sending out thank-you cards, but have you thought about the vendors and professionals who transformed your plans into a reality? Here are some of the best ways to show your appreciation to them.

Writing a Thank-You Note

A written thank-you is a great way to show sincere appreciation for a vendor’s efforts to make your wedding day a success. Don’t go halfway with a generic note of thanks. Be sure to mention the specific things that they did to make your day special, even the things they may have been contractually obligated to do. If they went above and beyond, you should definitely highlight those things and talk about how it made you, your spouse and others feel. You’ve likely worked with them for a while given the planning and coordinating. Thank them for their commitment, patience and professionalism.

Testifying and Referring

Many businesses thrive on referrals. Many nearlyweds will solicit advice and recommendations from people they know about working with wedding vendors. Providing a written testimonial of your experience helps other clients make an affirmative decision, which helps the business grow. If a supplier has a website where you can leave a review, do so and be sure to go into specifics as much as possible. Some companies may not have a website or social media page for reviews. You can still offer to be a reference willing to share your experience with potential customers.

A picture paints a thousand words, and sharing photos online of the work done can also be very helpful. Were you wowed by the spread from the caterer? Did a bridal gown take your breath away? Where appropriate, highlight these suppliers on your wedding website. Tag them in your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts. This is another way to provide good word of mouth as an expression of thanks.

Opening Your Wallet or Pocketbook

There’s a reason that some people say “money talks and everything else walks.” Compensation is one of the best ways to convey gratitude and appreciation. Most professionals are in business to make a profit, and unless they specifically volunteered their services for your nuptials, you’ve probably paid them. Consider putting your money where your heart is in the following ways:

  • Give a tip: Leaving a tip is a common method to show appreciation in certain industries such as hospitality, cosmetology, etc. Be mindful about when and how you tip. For example, a glam squad for the wedding party should be tipped after they’ve done hair and makeup, but a DJ or live band can be tipped after the reception.
  • Buy a gift card: Purchasing a gift card from a provider is another way to say thanks. This is a great idea if you know someone who could use the gift card for their own nuptials soon.
  • Pay on time: While compensation is likely part of the agreement, make sure that you pay your vendors on time.
  • Donate to a cause: Depending on your event, a provider such as an officiant may not accept payment. You can say thank you with a donation to their ministry or favorite cause.

Many people have invested their energy, experience and expertise into making your big day a success, especially your vendors. From the wedding planner to the photographer to the hosting venue and more, these suppliers have all contributed to a memorable event. Gratitude is an action, and these are just some of the ways you and your spouse can say thanks.

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