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Stylist Arranging an Intricate HairstyleHiring the right vendors is one of the biggest challenges presented to couples who are planning their nuptials. While research will guide you to the most appealing options, figuring out the best fit will come down to the early conversations you have with potential candidates. This is especially true of your hairstylist. Look over these talking points you should have with a stylist before signing any contracts. A little preliminary work will clear the air of any possible concerns you have and help you feel excited about using this professional for your big day.  

Hair History

If you found a potential stylist online, then it is likely you were able to browse a selection of photos showcasing his or her work. When you’re referred to a hairstylist by a friend or family member, however, you might not have the chance to look over the stylist’s work in advance. One of the first points to discuss with a potential vendor is their portfolio. Peruse photos of the wedding hairstyles that person produced in the past. Ask yourself whether the styles you’re seeing align with what you have in mind for your own event. 

Reading reviews from previous clients will also prove invaluable when making your selection. A stylist might make a wonderful impression during a meeting, but this doesn’t mean he or she will deliver on all that is promised. Not only do you want to focus on how these clients have felt about their hairstyles, but you should also take note of criticisms or praise surrounding professionalism, politeness, and speed.

Accessories and Assistants 

A ton of tools and accessories can be involved in completing a wedding hairstyle. Before you hire someone, ask if he or she will be supplying all of the gear needed to complete the services. There are some professionals who charge extra for supplies and some who expect the clients to have all of the required items ready in advance. Discussing this early can help you avoid a situation where the stylist arrives at the site and does not have any of the brushes, curlers, or sprays involved in completing the style. 

You should also get an idea of whether the stylist works alone or brings assistants to help with the job. When you’re hiring someone to complete styles for several people in the wedding party, then you should opt for a professional who works with qualified assistants. The more people present to complete the services, the less likely it is that you will feel rushed when having your hair worked on.

Timing and Trials

Every minute of your wedding day matters. This means you need to have a general idea of how long the hair services will take so you can make other important arrangements. While the stylist can provide you with a loose timeline, the best way to get a feel for the length of time the services take is by scheduling a trial. A preliminary run on doing your hair will also give you an idea of what to expect in terms of the finished look. Be sure to note that most stylists charge for trials, so don’t assume this service is free.

Contingency Plans

Finally, talk about contingency plans with your potential stylist. Unexpected emergencies can happen out of the blue, though a true professional will have a backup stylist available to send your way. If possible, be sure to look at the portfolio of the backup stylist so you can feel comfortable with his or her work in advance. 

How your hair looks on your wedding day will depend entirely on who you hire to handle it. By having the right preliminary discussions with potential stylists, you will have an easier time finding the perfect fit for your beauty needs.

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