Wedding Budget and Piggy BankIt goes without saying that weddings tend to be on the more expensive side. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large affair, you will need to put forth a sizable chunk of change in order to cover everything from the reception space to the caterers to the invitations. While it might feel like you’ve no choice but to fork over all your available funds, there are actually options to consider. Being frugal is all about making the right choices when push comes to shove. Look over these tips and learn more about how to save.

The Preliminary Decisions

Right from the start, you can make life a lot easier by being sensible with your guest list. The more people you invite, the more money you need to spend. Some people absolutely require an invite, like immediate family members and lifelong friends. However, you can probably rest comfortably if you cut certain coworkers, extended family members, and casual associates from the list. Though it can feel like a challenge, you will see the best results later if you can exercise good judgment and make as many cuts as possible to your guest list from the start.  

The idea of allowing guests to bring a plus-one is nice in theory. In a perfect world, everyone at your event would be able to bring their dates. Sadly, this costs money. A good rule to go by is to only allow plus-ones for guests who are married or have been dating their significant others for at least two years. 

The Vendors

The venue is usually one of the bigger expenses connected to a wedding. Naturally, how many people you plan on inviting will determine the size of the space you will require. Still, you can save money by making a few key decisions. For one, outdoor weddings are wildly cheaper than their indoor counterparts. As long as you’ve got the weather on your side, you can host an outdoor wedding for a fraction of the cost and still feel like you’re getting everything you want out of your event. 

Catering is another large expense, and it is a bit more difficult to get around. One of the better solutions is to ask family members and friends to contribute to the event in a potluck style. This is a great choice when your wedding is an intimate gathering of close friends and family, as less food is required and it can feel more like a casual “Friendsgiving” of sorts. Of course, this can be asking a lot of your associates. If you go this route, try and compensate those who contribute with small gifts. 

The Invites 

Invitations were once a very expensive part of planning a wedding, though more affordable options have taken off in recent years. Instead of ordering a ton of invites from a business that charges a lot more than necessary for paper that will be thrown in the trash in a month anyway, make them yourself. This works best when you have time and a small guest list, but handmade invites have long been a practical alternative. Some couples also skip the physical invites altogether and use digital services to invite guests and provide updates on changes to the event. 

The Decor

Finally, think about the decor. Do you really need to dress up the reception space you’re paying for? Allowing the venue to speak for itself or adding a few small pieces to bring out your personal aesthetic is far more practical than investing in dozens of cumbersome floral arrangements. 

When it comes to your wedding budget, exercising caution will help you immensely in the long run. Delve into the frugal options available to you and see how you can save with just a few small changes.

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