Couple Planning Their WeddingWedding planning can be a very exciting adventure. Of course, it is also a stressful experience. Throwing a party where you’re the center of attention can easily put a lot of frustration on your plate. In order to stay sane, it is always a good idea to take time and learn helpful tips on how to make the process easier on you and your partner. From the first steps you take after getting engaged to the last moments of your honeymoon, there is always room for a bit of advice.

Take a moment to consider some of these straightforward tips aimed at helping you plan for your big day. With a bit of time, you should be ready to tackle whatever tasks await you along the way to tying the knot.

Start With Numbers

There are a lot of moving pieces involved with wedding planning. You’ll spend a lot of time counting RSVPs, picking flower arrangements, and communicating with caterers. Before you can do any of this, however, you need to have an idea of how many people will be in attendance. Your guest list should be your top priority after making the decision to get engaged. While this is a very big step to take, it is also going to be one of the more trying activities associated with your upcoming wedding.

There is no easy way to make a guest list. The most efficient option is to sit down with your significant other and start hammering away. Some couples find it easier to pick all of the guests together, while others find it more practical to divide the task and each pick a certain amount of people to receive invitations. You also may need to consult with any family members helping to pay for the event, as it is customary to offer these people some extra invitations for their contributions.

Vendor Games

Another area where you might need some assistance is in selecting the vendors for your big day. Between caterers, photographers, entertainment, and florists, you may not know where to even begin the process of picking the right vendors for your needs. One simple way to go about this process is by finding one vendor you are very satisfied with and asking if the company has any suggestions or referrals for the other services you still require. Vendors often work together, meaning they are more than happy to offer some tips on potential options.

This can be a huge lifesaver when you aren’t sure where to turn for certain services. The beauty of wedding vendors is that many of them have worked together in the past and know their reputations and abilities. Need a band that will definitely keep the energy going all night? The person making your cake might have some tips. Need a photo booth without breaking the bank? Ask your florist for suggestions. Use your vendors as sources of information and you may have an easier time picking out the options that make the most sense for your event.

A Little Extra Cash

Finally, remember to budget and to always keep a little extra on the side. No matter how meticulous you are about counting your dollars, you never know when a surprise fee could arise and throw off your finances. Keeping some extra cash handy is a surefire way to be ready for any costs that appear throughout the wedding planning process. Plus, you’ll have some money left over afterward in the event you don’t need to touch the extra cash.

Planning a wedding isn’t an easy task, but there are many ways to make it manageable. Explore your options and see what can be done to get your big day up and running.


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