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Pop quiz! What is the second most popular season for weddings? Here's a hint: it's not Summer, as warm weather and consistently sunny days make June, July, and August the most popular months for performing weddings.

You may be thinking that Spring, which is also fairly sunny yet avoids the sweltering heat that accompanies some Summer ceremonies, may be number two. Think again!

Believe it or not, Autumn is the runner up season in terms of wedding season popularity. In 2011, 9.6% of weddings performed in the U.S. took place in September, 9.4% in October, and 7.4% in November. Summer's top spot is even threatened by Autumn's popularity; the former only had 4.3% more weddings than the latter in 2011!

Summer wedding guides are a dime a dozen, but ones for Autumn are comparatively few and far between. The Universal Life Church Monastery has prepared this Autumn wedding guide so that you can perform the perfect Fall wedding with your Universal Life Church ordination!

Why Are Fall Weddings So Popular?

Believe it or not, Fall weddings are more common than those of any season but summer.

  • Believe it or not, Fall weddings are more common than those of any season but summer.*

Good weather and the natural beauty of the season are perhaps the primary reasons why people choose to haveFall weddings. In places with moderate to hot climates, Fall weddings offer sun yet cooler temperatures than those found during the Summer. Weddings held earlier in the season have a good chance of avoiding rain. Good weather complements the red and orange palette of Fall colors we all know and love. In colder climates, Fall offers romantic snowy landscapes for weddings held at ski lodges, mountain cabins, and the like without the inhospitable frigid temperatures that come with Winter.

Money is also a major motivator in holding weddings during this season. The Fall wedding season takes place immediately after the larger and more costly Summer wedding season; less expensive second-hand and on-sale wedding decorations, linens, invitations, and wedding apparel are thus readily available during Autumn. Deejays and wedding venues also have significantly lower rates during Autumn.

There is also a fairly large amount of symbolism associated with Autumn. Themes concerning the changing of seasons, the end of a cycle, and the enjoyment of the bounty of a Summer's worth of work and growth can all play into Fall weddings.

What Makes Fall Weddings Different From Other Weddings?

Use your Universal Life Church ordination to perform a beautiful fall wedding.

  • Use your Universal Life Church ordination to perform a beautiful fall wedding.*

The primary consideration faced by Fall wedding planners who have Universal Life Church ordinations is temperature; even a bright and sunny Fall day has the potential to be chilly and thus unenjoyable. ULC ministers should make sure that outdoor ceremonies are held earlier in the day so that the couple and their guests can be heated by the sun. Heat lamps are a must for any nocturnal reception or cocktail hour held outside, and you should prepare a contingency plan in the event of rain. Be especially cognizant of the warmth of the older folks at the wedding; you may want to provide blankets, heavy jackets, or wraps for them if they become uncomfortable.

As previously mentioned, the costs associated with Fall weddings are considerably lower than Spring and Summer ones. In addition to less expensive wedding decorations, apparel, venues, and deejays, discounts may be available on photographers and caterers. Airfare and hotel rates are also smaller during the Autumn, meaning that having a destination wedding will be more affordable and thus more feasible for those invited to attend it. This last fact also bodes well for you; lower travel expenses means that wedding officiants with Universal Life Church ordinations can officiate more ceremonies on the same budget!

How Do I Get A Universal Life Church Ordination?

Are you not already a Universal Life Church minister? Not an issue! As you will see, the process of becoming one is exceedingly simple.

The era of clergy getting their minister licenses exclusively from expensive and time-consuming theological colleges, seminaries, and bible schools is now over! Online churches like the ULC will allow anyone to become a minister, and sites like Get Ordained allow people to simply enter their personal information to receive their credentials. It is possible for a layperson to get a Universal Life Church ordination that is both free and will last for their entire lifetime in a matter of minutes. The Universal Life Church ordination will allow this person to perform a wedding, officiate a baptism, be a prison chaplain, and conduct many more types of ministerial services.

To become a minister online, simply visit Get Ordained and click on the large blue "Begin Free Online Ordination" button in the middle of the main page. You will be prompted to enter your full legal name, mailing address, email address, and a password as soon as you have pressed it. Your ordination will be processed as soon as you click on the blue "Submit Ordination Request" button at the bottom of the form; a confirmation email should be sent to you immediately thereafter so let us know if you do not receive it.

Completing this process will give you a free Universal Life Church ordination but it will not provide you with any ministerial documentation. Any minister licenses, letters of good standing, affidavits of authority, and so forth that you might need to perform a wedding or other kind of ministerial service must be purchased from the Ministry Products section of this site. Ordination certificates, minister licenses, and all other ULC documentation are priced as low as possible; we charge only as much as we need to cover the cost to make the materials, pay our rent and bills, and compensate our staff.

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