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Calculating the Cost of FlowersIt is no secret that a wedding is an expense. Even if you decide to keep the event small and simple, you still need to put out money for the basics. For couples on a budget, throwing a big party like this can be quite taxing. Though it might seem daunting, you can find success and put together a perfect wedding by knowing a few key details in advance. Specifically, couples must have a firm understanding of the standard budget breakdown and which expenses are the most important. 

The Space

Without a doubt, the most expensive detail related to your wedding will be the venue, although the size of your guest list will influence the final cost. Since the space can make or break the way your wedding is perceived by guests and how you feel about it overall yourself, it is best to not skimp on the venue and instead make cuts to other parts of your budget in order to save funds.  

The Important Vendors

The caterers and entertainers are the next most expensive services. Feeding people and providing alcohol can easily add up. While you don’t want to make huge cuts to these parts of the budget, you can opt for less expensive alternatives. There are many small businesses and freelancers who would do just as fantastic a job as the bigger names for far less money. Shop around, and you should be able to find vendors who fit your budget without sacrificing quality. 

The Rings

After the vendors, the rings are the next important aspect of your wedding that you should focus your budget around. The rings you select will dictate exactly how much you will spend. If you want diamonds or other gemstones, be prepared to shell out a lot. On the other hand, if you want to keep the bands very basic, you can save money and still get a sweet and appropriate finished product. 

The Attire

While far from the most expensive part of planning a wedding, the outfits you and your partner wear are definitely an important expense. If you’re trying to save money, it may be in your best interests to look at secondhand options for your dress or tux. Rentals can even be a perfect alternative. Buying a wedding dress or suit might seem nice in a sentimental way, but you will likely never have the opportunity to wear the outfit again. Explore your rental options and see if this is better fit for your budget.  

The Flowers

Flowers tend to be a huge decorative component of weddings across all cultures. Something about colorful blossoms makes people feel happy and romantic. Of course, floral arrangements don’t come cheap. Still, you can easily save money by being smart with the flowers you pick. Going for local and seasonal options is much less expensive than picking out plants that need to be imported from another place in the world due to specific growth conditions. Some couples even save money by taking flower donations from couples who were married recently within the same venue. 

The Odds and Ends

Though the little touches that you envision for your wedding might not be the most important in the grand scheme, they do help you feel personally connected to your big day. In order to save money and still invest in services that help your event stand out, be selective with what you pick. You don’t need a photo booth with props, a professional photographer, and disposable cameras. 

Budgeting is definitely one of the more challenging aspects of planning your wedding. Thankfully, a little work goes a long way. Review your options and discover the perfect way to balance the budget without sacrificing all of the details you have been dreaming of.

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