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Couple in Oceanside PoolWedding traditions change at a rapid pace these days. Throw in the fact that recent events have transformed daily life for all people on Earth, and it is easy to see why many couples are ditching many former customs. One idea that keeps getting put on the chopping block is the honeymoon. With travel restrictions, unemployment issues, and global health all pressing concerns at the moment, couples have decided the honeymoon is an easy option to nix in a pinch. Though it may be practical to wait, there are still a few good reasons to hold off on eliminating this trip.

Your honeymoon offers your relationship some unique opportunities. Consider these points in defense of this timeless post-nuptial trip, and see if it is still something worth your while. 

Who Came Up With the Honeymoon?

While you don’t need to know the history of a tradition to appreciate it, there’s something fun about taking a walk back in time. The concept of the honeymoon can be traced back in one form or another to fifth century Europe. Lore states that some pagan religions of the period would celebrate marriage bonds by offering the newlyweds the traditional drink of mead. Many of these groups would arrange such ceremonies in accordance with the phases of the moon. In this literal way, the honeymoon began as the drinking of “honey” in relation to the moon. 

Though this is a fascinating origin story, it doesn’t really relate to what couples do these days. The modern concept of the honeymoon began in England in the 19th century. Originally, upper-class couples would travel immediately with family and close friends after a wedding to visit associates who could not make the event. It was a way to both show off extravagance, get in some travel, and see friends near and far. Over the years, the honeymoon evolved in Western civilization to mean the first trip taken by partners as a married couple.

Why Does the Honeymoon Even Matter?

There are plenty of reasons the honeymoon can seem like overkill these days. Recent events aside, most modern weddings cost a small fortune. Adding a vacation to the end of the series of events can seem like pushing it too far. Of course, life is not measured by how much or how little we spend. The reason so many people still opt for the honeymoon is because it is a symbolic journey. The honeymoon is a way for a couple to dedicate specific time to an adventure that is strange and new to both partners.

To take things to another level, couples who decide to go on a honeymoon in one way or another are less likely to get divorced. Though this is more anecdotal than hard-and-fast truth, a 2015 study pointed out interesting data. Conducted in New York, the research focused on the relationship between wedding expenses and marriage duration. When discussing honeymoons, the scholars found that couples who took a honeymoon were at a lower risk of divorce. What’s more, it did not matter how much or little the couple spent on the honeymoon or where the couple decided to go. 

Waiting for an Answer

At this current moment, you might not be able to make any concrete plans for your honeymoon. With the future still somewhat uncertain, it is often best to play the waiting game instead of making any rash decisions. As you wait, consider how you can use your honeymoon to the fullest no matter what obstacles appear on the horizon.

A honeymoon is the perfect chance for you and your partner to bond, relax, and rejoice over your new union. Before you jump to the assumption that you don’t need to waste your money on a vacation, give the debate the weight and consideration it deserves. 

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