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Forming a Business PlanHave you successfully planned weddings for others? Did you find yourself enthusiastic and passionate about seeing to the details of helping friends tie the knot? Perhaps you’ve been told multiple times that you have a real gift for organizing events, especially weddings and receptions. If this applies to you, give some consideration to starting a wedding planning business. Here are some things to think about.

Counting the Costs

When you’re starting a business, you need to ponder the initial costs. Fortunately, a wedding planning business has relatively low start-up expenses. You won’t need to invest in office space, as you can operate your cell phone and laptop from anywhere. It will be worthwhile to consult a lawyer to help you draw up basic contracts that adequately cover your work while protecting your assets. You will also need to spend money for marketing and supplies, like a professional website and business cards. Open a business credit card account with rewards such as cash back to help defray costs.

Creating a Portfolio

The wedding planning business is very much about the visuals and style. Clients will want to see evidence of your work. Your website should include photos and testimonials from past events that you’ve successfully put together. Provide a mock nuptials timeline and event to give your clientele some insight as to how you’ll handle their big event. This also shows visitors that you are savvy when it comes to trends and logistics in marriage ceremonies and receptions.

Leveraging Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram provide entrepreneurs an easy way to market their businesses for next to nothing. These platforms offer a way for you to reach a wide audience through the use of strategic photos, hashtags and synergy with related businesses. Perhaps you know a local photographer who offers wedding services. Consider partnering with them for events and social media content to build your businesses together.

Getting an Education

While you don’t necessarily need to be professionally certified or accredited to be a wedding planner, you can certainly learn a lot about the business by doing so. There are a number of organizations that offer guidance and certifications that can help boost your knowledge and experience:

  • Association of Bridal Consultants
  • Association of Certified Wedding Consultants
  • International Live Events Association
  • June Wedding, Inc.
  • Weddings Beautiful Worldwide

These associations also provide great opportunities to network with other professional events planners who can offer guidance and help make connections that benefit your business.

Learning the Ropes

Perhaps you’re not ready to swim out into the sea with your very own business. You may consider working as an assistant planner or an event coordinator with a venue or caterer that specializes in weddings. This allows you to gain additional experience and build your own networks under the close supervision of an expert without the financial investment risk to start. After you’ve been at this for some time, you may feel ready to start your own company.

Setting Goals and Expectations

It’s important to have short-term and long-term goals for your business that are realistic and achievable. For your first year, set a goal for the number of weddings to plan. You can also set other near-term objectives such as connecting to a certain number of vendors or attending a certain number of event planning conferences or expos. Also consider your five-year and longer objectives for your business. This keeps you moving forward, and you can enjoy the satisfaction of smashing these goals along the way.

Weddings are a big deal for the couples involved. Many of them rely on the expertise, know-how and creativity of a wedding planner. This planner helps keep all the plates spinning for a marriage celebration that is complete. You could be very successful at helping others plan and manage their special day.

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