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Drunk Wedding GuestA wedding is a wonderful event where friends and family members get to witness a happy couple coming together in marital bliss. This, of course, is a huge cause for celebration. Revelry is a normal sight at this type of event, with guests dancing and drinking and engaging in all sorts of raucous behavior. Though this is what you want of your guests, there also might come a point where you believe things are getting out of hand. To be ready for this, you need to have a plan of action for how to handle guests who are becoming unruly.

Being the “fun police” at your own wedding is probably not too appealing. You want to be able to cut loose and enjoy yourself. Unfortunately, it is going to be hard to do that when your drunk aunt is falling over herself on the dance floor or your fraternity brothers are trying to climb on top of the bar. To keep yourself prepared, examine these suggestions for how to respond when guests are getting out of control.

Alcohol Is the Answer

First and foremost, it is important to address one of the biggest culprits with unruly guests: alcohol. When the booze starts to flow at a wedding, guests start to fill their cups over and over again. You might think that an open bar is a simple way to keep your guests happy but it can also add fuel to the fire. If you worry your guests might drink too much throughout the night and start to cause a scene, you need to discuss an exit strategy with the people working your reception.

Talk to the bartenders about how they go about cutting people off. Some venues will have their bartenders and servers water down drinks. This is more effective than cutting people off because it decreases the odds of a guest arguing with a bartender about why he isn’t getting the whiskey sour he’s been waiting on. Plus, guests rarely notice their drinks are weaker at a wedding with all the eating and dancing taking place. Find a plan that works for alcohol control and make sure the bartenders adhere to it.

Playing Peacemaker

Bringing a large number of people under one roof can be problematic. People don’t always get along and weddings are a common event for fights to erupt between family members who don’t usually see each other. Though you might go above and beyond to keep alcohol appropriately rationed, it is not as easy to keep tempers under control. Relying on the people working your event can only get you so far, as there are going to come times when you need to play peacemaker yourself.

You and your partner know the guests are your wedding better than anyone else. If you happen to notice an uncle making an unwanted pass at a friend from work while on the dancefloor, it is going to be up to you to have a chat with your uncle about why he should cool it. You don’t want to spend your whole night controlling the crowd but keep an eye on problematic individuals to get through the thick of it.

Young and Old

Finally, remember to have a plan for extremely young or old guests at your wedding. Children are a joy to have around but can be a huge distraction during a ceremony. Similarly, people who are quite old might not be able to get in and out of a venue without some assistance. Some venues have attendants to help with children and the elderly, so be sure to ask what options you have in advance.

It is impossible to have complete control in life. Still, you want to feel like you can control the guests at your own wedding. Use the tips listed here as a jump-off point for your own plan and find a method that makes the most sense for your special day.

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