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Person Happy About Computer Search ResultsThere are many reasons to consider becoming a wedding officiant. Whether someone has already asked you to take on this duty or you are planning ahead for some important nuptials farther off on the horizon, it can be useful to know how to get the ordination process started. These days, it is quite easy to hop online and find an organization that offers to give interested parties officiant status. Of course, you want to be certain that you’re going through the best online ordination service for your particular needs. To achieve this, a few preliminary steps are required.

Talk To the Couple

If there is a couple involved in your quest to become an ordained minister, then you should consult with them before you take any action on your own. In some cases, the couple might have done the research for you on where to get ordained. This can save you time and effort, plus offers you further insight into what the couple expects from you in this role. If no couple is involved, then conduct a bit of research on your own. Learning more about reputable online ordination through the ULC can offer more perspective on the process.

Review the Application

The biggest misconception people have about internet ordination is that there is a lot of work involved. While you will need to put a little time into the application, you’ll be surprised to learn how quick and simple the entire process is overall. Some basic information will be asked of you, including your name and state of residence. This is required for legal reasons, as you will only be ordained in the state that you list on your application and under the name provided. After giving this information, you will hear back about your approval. 

The entire process takes no time at all, but this doesn’t mean it should be put off until the last minute. If there’s a wedding on the horizon you need to be ready for, then finish the online application as soon as possible.

Get the Right Credentials

Though ministers who have gone through ordination online are allowed to perform weddings in every American state and commonwealth, you must also look into the specific rules and regulations of the location where you’ll be performing the wedding. For example, some states will accept your status as minister at face value. In other states, however, you might be asked to produce documents proving that you have been ordained through a recognized institution. When going through the application process, it can be helpful to consult with a guide that details the laws of your specific state.

The Universal Life Church makes showing your credentials simple. All you have to do is order a package that includes a physical certificate or an ordination certificate PDF. By having this document, you can ensure that there will be no setbacks due to red tape with the county clerk. 

Prepare Your Speech

Once you’ve been ordained and have your paperwork in order, it is time to put thought behind your duties as a minister. Specifically, you must craft your speech. Coming up with a text entirely on your own isn’t advised, so you’ll find it best to review some examples of minister scripts online. You can use a template you find as-is or use these examples as springboards to launch you closer to a speech that works for your needs. Reading your draft aloud before an audience can also help you catch inconsistencies or awkward wording. 

While becoming an officiant can seem like a complicated process, you can easily get ordained online without having to jump through hoops. With a little research, you’ll have no trouble finding a reputable site that aligns with your goals. 

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