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Baby Shower GiftsBeing asked to host a baby shower for a friend or relative is a great honor. Naturally, it also means you’ll have to put in a lot of work and foot the bill yourself. While this might be the price of friendship to a degree, it also makes sense to work with a budget. Putting yourself into debt to throw a party is never going to be a sensible decision. Thankfully, alternatives like a DIY approach to planning can be useful for controlling your finances while still delivering an experience everyone will remember. 

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

The enticement of do-it-yourself projects can be powerful. Anyone who has browsed Pinterest or Etsy for a little while has definitely felt the itch to tackle some clever craft or life hack. Unfortunately, those who attempt these projects often discover how involved and exhausting they can be. No matter how easy an idea looks, it is almost always going to be twice as complicated to execute. Unless you are a savant when it comes to all things artistic, try to be realistic with which projects you incorporate into the baby shower. 

Find instructions for some beautiful decorations that you think will fit the aesthetic you’re trying to cultivate? Be sure to attempt the project in advance to see if it is feasible. Assuming you’ll be able to perfectly create all of the DIY decor on your list can create a disastrous situation.

Make It About the Parents

As you scour the internet for clever decorations and fun games, be sure not to lose sight of the purpose of the event. While it might be about celebrating the arrival of a new baby in the near future, it is primarily about making the parents feel excited and appreciated. After a first child is born, the lives of the parents change significantly. This is a final moment for them to be the center of attention and enjoy some simple activities and socializing with those they care about.

If the parents are not the kind of people who enjoy games, then you should not put a heavy emphasis on this kind of activity. Work with the personalities of the parents to create an event that fits their moods. Though it was once customary for baby showers to be all about a pregnant woman, this is not the case nowadays. Same-sex couples and those adopting are also likely to have baby showers. This means you won’t need to limit the guest list or activities based on gender if you so desire. 

Be Practical About Food

Though DIY decorations might be a goal that you can achieve, catering the entire event by yourself could be a bit more involved. If you need to spend an entire day in your kitchen in order to prepare, then you likely won’t have the stamina to enjoy it yourself. Even with a fixed budget, ordering food from a local restaurant is a more cost-effective way to feed the people in attendance. Showers don’t require huge dinners. All you need is a selection of small plates and you can please the crowd without spending much.

Don’t Assume With the Guest List

Unless the baby shower is a total surprise, you absolutely must work with the parents on the guest list. This type of event doesn’t demand a huge turnout, but it does require forethought in terms of who is invited. You don’t want to ruffle feathers by forgetting a close friend or family member. Run the finalized list by the expecting parents before sending out invitations and you will reduce the odds of a snafu.

Planning a DIY baby shower on a budget is far from an impossible task. By weighing your options and seeing which decisions are more sensible, you will have no trouble throwing an event that celebrates the parents and baby in a perfect way.

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