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When you’re planning to “put a ring on it,” there are many details to figure out in advance. Among these is your appearance, especially your hair. Many couples spend considerable effort finding the perfect bridal gown or tuxedos, but careful consideration should be given to your tresses. Will you wear your hair up or down? You’ll be surrounded by loved ones. Do you want to show up in a look that’s familiar or one that’s over the top? Here are some “hair-dos” and “hair-don’ts.”

DO What’s Best for You

Although weddings usually involve friends and family, don’t feel pressured to get a hairstyle that others expect or approve of. Wanting to look your best for yourself and your partner is okay, but at the end of the day, you should be happy and comfortable. A hairstyle that makes you feel nervous or insecure isn’t the right move.

DON’T Go Drastic Without a Plan

Maybe your wedding theme or concept requires a look that’s very different from what you or others are accustomed to. This might include a wild hair color or an unusual haircut. Consider doing a test run in advance to give yourself time to fix a look that doesn’t work. Maybe a wig or extensions can achieve the desired look without the same level of commitment. 

DO Consider Your Wedding Party

Many marriage ceremonies involve the couple standing and sitting alongside others in their wedding party. It’s your special event, but you should give some thought to how your style looks alongside others. Are you expecting others to wear their hair similarly? What might be flattering and comfortable to you may not be so for someone who’s near and dear to you.

DON’T Ignore Your Outfit

The neckline of your outfit can clash with a potential hairstyle. Bridal gowns in particular may have a neckline that looks better with your hair up. Maybe you’ll be wearing special jewelry, or neckwear, or something “borrowed or blue” that shouldn’t compete with your hair for attention. The best look is one where hair, outfits, accessories, and makeup are working together, not competing.

DO Think About Photography

Wedding photos and videos are how we capture and preserve this important moment for a lifetime. Some hairstyles look better in person than they do in photos or videos. When you and your partner are looking at photos in the future, you want to think fondly about your special day and the life you’ve created together. Some people can laugh at an unsuccessful look. But why take the chance?

DON’T Wait Until the Last Minute

When you’re making your schedule for wedding preparations, leave ample time to get your hair done. Many haircuts or styles look their best after a few days, so account for this as you prepare. Depending on your plans, it may be wise to have a plan B or plan C in case a stylist is unavailable or other circumstances require you to make changes. 

DO Talk to a Professional

Many couples will hire wedding planners and other vendors for their nuptials. Consult a professional hair stylist, especially if you think you want to do something out of the ordinary for your big day. Even if you want to keep things simple, a hairstylist or barber can make recommendations based on details such as wedding location, apparel, theme, and schedule. Some looks are hard to maintain for an entire marriage ceremony and reception. It’s good to get an expert involved.

Your wedding day is about kicking off a lifetime of love and laughter in the presence of family and friends. Your appearance matters, and your hair plays an important part. Most people have options when it comes to hair. Remembering what to do and what not to do can help avoid a disaster when it comes to your locks. 

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