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Baptism FavorsA child’s baptism is a milestone moment for a family. Christians believe a baptism is a baby’s introduction to the light of God. For parents, this can be an exciting time to bring together the entire family for a celebration of the child’s new position in the eyes of the church. A common way of going about this is by hosting a baptism party. After the ceremony has finished, a small gathering is a great way of thanking everyone for coming out and sharing in this important moment. 

If you’re looking for an added way of showing appreciation, favors can be a perfect option. Explore these ideas for party favors and discover an exciting way to thank guests.

Adults and Children

Before looking at specific ideas, it is best to remember there will likely be both adults and children at your event. To make life easier on yourself, decide early whether you want to provide favors that will appeal to all ages or if you’d rather give kids a different favor than the adults. If you want a simple idea that everyone will enjoy, consider baked goods like cookies or small candy bars. While you don’t want to spend a lot, you definitely want to ensure the guests will enjoy what you provide.

Commemorative Ornament

One simple way to approach a baptism party favor is by considering ways to mark the occasion. If the guests are predominantly close members of the family, an ornament can be a wonderful gift idea. Grandparents, uncles, and aunts will love the idea of a beautiful ornament featuring a picture of your child alongside the date of the baptism. When the holidays roll around, you will also get an extra kick out of this gift when you see the ornaments displayed prominently on the trees in the homes of your family members.

Framed Photos

Generally, a baptism party does not have a huge guest list. In a majority of cases, families like to keep these events small because they do not warrant a huge blowout of a party. If you only have a handful of people you want to invite, consider a personalized gift like a framed photo. Take a picture of your baby with each member of the family before the event, then have the photos printed and put in decorative frames. This is a simple and sweet gift that is sure to tug at the heart.

Religious Gifts

Since this type of event is religious in nature, it makes sense if you would like your gift to capture this side of things. Rosary beads can be a good option. Meant as both a way to encourage prayer or as a subtle piece of decor for the home, these beads come in a variety of styles. You can opt for inexpensive beads that can be purchased in bulk for a crowd or select personalized options for each guest based around unique style or color preferences. 

Simple Solutions 

In a perfect world, you would have enough time to throw together a party and find all of the favors you need to wow your guests. Since you probably are working with limited time, the most practical solution is to find simple favors that appeal to everyone. Scented or decorative candles are a good fit when you’re in a pinch, especially if you can have the date of the event printed on the candles to mark the occasion. If all else fails, handwritten cards thanking each guest for coming is a wonderful way to get your point across for less. 

From rosary beads to candy, there are many ways to approach the favors for your child’s baptism party. Try not to worry too much about this aspect, however, as the most important thing to focus on is the celebration of your little one in the eyes of God. 

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