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Happy Ever After SignMost couples understand that some of the decisions connected to planning their weddings carry a bit more weight than others. This is especially true when the time comes to select a venue for your event. While you want to put thought behind the outfits you wear, the photographer, and the entertainment, few decisions will make or break your big day in the same way as the location. Naturally, many factors will influence your ultimate choice. Consider these points in advance to make your life a bit easier. 

The Size and Capacity

One of the first points you want to focus on when looking at potential spaces for your event is the size of the venue. If your goal is to have a small and intimate gathering, you definitely don’t need to look at a space that has a maximum occupancy of several hundred. Conversely, you absolutely want to make sure there’s enough capacity for all of the people you plan on inviting. It can be a balancing act of sorts, but keeping size and capacity in mind when looking at initial options can help you weed through your choices.

The Layout

Along with size, you should also remain mindful of the layout of the venue. Just because a space can fit a certain number of people does not mean that the arrangement will be comfortable or practical. When viewing the location, speak with the manager about how the space will be arranged for your event. This will provide you with in-depth insight on what the room will look like and whether or not you think it works for what you have in mind. 

The Meal

Though this is not always the case, catering is often a service tied to the venue that you select for your wedding. This means that you want to have a conversation about food when looking at the layout of the space. The biggest question you will need to answer in advance is whether you want to have a buffet-style meal or the traditional plated dinner option. Both can offer pros and cons, so think over the choice in order to feel confident in your final decision. 

The Point of Contact

While this is not a factor that will outright change the outcome of your search, it can still be useful to think about the point of contact you will be working with. The manager or representative of the venue is an individual you will likely have to communicate with on a routine basis. If you don’t get along or you have personalities that clash in a major way, this can have a profound impact on how you feel in the days and weeks leading to your event. The more agreeable the relationship, the better the final results will be.

The Contingency Plan

Finally, a quality venue is going to offer you a secondary plan in the event that your first idea doesn’t pan out. If your wedding is scheduled to take place in an outdoor section of the venue, then a sudden storm can easily create major trouble. An exceptional venue manager will spend time talking to you about this possibility in advance. Working out a backup plan can make a major difference in how your big day plays out. Instead of feeling like a victim of circumstance, you can take charge and see your wedding play out as you intended.

Though it is true that there are many decisions you will need to make when planning your wedding, selecting a venue is going to be one of the more pressing. As long as you focus on factors like the point of contact and the layout of the space itself, you will have no trouble selecting a space that reflects your wedding goals. 

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