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Engaged Couple Kissing in a VineyardGetting engaged is definitely a thrilling moment in a couple’s journey. While you might feel excited for all that’s in store, you also need to slow your pace a bit in order to make the most sensible decisions. For some couples, engagement photos are a perfect next step. However, there are plenty who decide against this idea in order to save money and time. To make the decision a bit easier, take a look at these tips and learn everything you need to know about engagement photography. 

The Reason for the Decision

To start, there are many solid reasons to consider engagement photos. For one, it helps you to create a bond with a photographer. Meeting the artist for a preliminary engagement shoot can help you feel comfortable with this person and feel more confident in how your wedding pictures will look. Engagement photos are also a perfect way to announce your status. In the age of social media, posting some professional pics to tell the world about your engagement has become more of a rite of passage than a simple act of sharing. 

Conversely, some couples don’t feel this step is at all necessary. Compared to previous generations of weddings, modern events can have too many steps. From engagement photos to engagement parties to bridal showers to bachelor parties, a wedding can easily become a whirlwind of interconnected obligations. As long as you’re both fine with skipping this step, don’t feel like you absolutely have to commit to an engagement shoot. 

The Comfort Factor

If you should decide to move forward with engagement pictures, then it will be in your best interest to dress in a comfortable way. Taking a look at enough engagement photos reveals that a majority of people dress in a way that is both relaxing and stylish. The main reason for this is that the shoots tend to take place outside. Whether you’re in a grassy meadow, walking along old train tracks, or taking an evening stroll on the beach, you’ll be in better spirits if you’re wearing something comfortable the whole time.

The Look

Though you don’t need to go overboard with your clothing, you might want to hire professionals to style your hair and makeup. This might be your first outing with your photographer, but it is also a perfect opportunity to test out potential stylists. Whether you hire experts or you do it all yourself, try not to make any drastic changes before the shoot. The last thing you want is for an awkward haircut or the aftermath of a facial peel to be forever immortalized in your engagement pictures. 

Though many people shoot outside, there’s nothing preventing you from an indoor photo session. If this is your choice, remember to bring along some decor to help style the scene. Fabric and flowers can do wonders when it comes to adding a bit of life to some indoor shots. 

The Kiss

Posing for photos can be weird for plenty of couples. Thankfully, a kiss is always a great solution. Whenever you’re stuck for how to stand or where to place your hands, give your partner a smooch. These tend to make for the best photos and help to perfectly capture the amorous vibe that engagement photos are supposed to exhibit. Don’t worry too much about your poses, however. A professional photographer will be able to guide you through each step and position you in ways that seem natural.

Engagement photos are not a mandatory part of the wedding process, but the option can be a fun one to consider. As long as you weigh the pros and cons, you should have no trouble coming to the most sensible decision for your big day.  

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