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Wedding Party Posing for PhotoIf you’ve been asked to serve as an attendant in your friends’ wedding, you may feel honored, excited, nervous, and maybe a little overwhelmed. They’re counting on you for so many reasons, and not just to put on some fabulous threads and walk down the aisle. You may also help with planning, organization, and guest relations before and at the wedding. Not only that, you can offer trusted advice and support to your friends at crucial moments. Remembering some important tips should help guide your conduct and ensure that you successfully fulfill your role in the months prior to the big day.

What You Need to Know First

Serving as a wedding attendant is an honor, but it also comes with significant responsibilities. Martha Stewart Weddings explains that there are some key pieces of information you should find out before you accept or turn down the opportunity:

  • Date, location, and level of formality
  • Estimated total costs for attire, grooming, and travel
  • The amount of time and energy required

In addition to these factors, you must also evaluate how much time you’d set aside for purchasing apparel, attending fittings, and going to salon visits. Meanwhile, don’t forget that you’ll need to set aside time off from work to perform your duties and attend wedding-related events. On average, you should plan for a six-month time commitment from start to finish.

Since being an attendant involves giving of yourself, you should consider both the time and money involved. It’s wise to honestly assess whether you’re able to feasibly serve in the role before you give your friends an answer. The Spruce writer Robin Bickerstaff Glover urges wedding party members to make sure they can meet deadlines, set aside funds for attire and other costs, and follow the couple’s planning timeline.

Responsibilities Come With the Role

As a wedding party member, you’ll attend some crucial events as well as help plan showers and pre-wedding shindigs. You may even help by addressing envelopes or offering advice and opinions while shopping for attire. On the big day itself, you could also be on the hook to assist guests, perhaps by escorting them to their seats or letting them know where they can find restrooms and other amenities. Honor attendants will have significantly more on their plates, since they typically help by arranging the couple’s transportation, signing the marriage license, safekeeping rings and gift envelopes, and assisting each half of the couple with getting ready on the big day itself.

Mind These Money Matters

Just as the happy couple has financial responsibilities during the planning stages, you’ll also have similar details to track on your end. The Emily Post Institute reveals that attendants are generally expected to pay for several items, including:

  • Wedding attire and accessories
  • Transportation costs
  • Showers and parties for the couple
  • Gifts for the soon-to-be-newlyweds

While costs can vary with each individual event, a May 2016 Huffington Post article reveals that one can easily spend over $1,000 to be a wedding attendant. On average, groomsmen tend to pay more than bridesmaids when it comes to attire, gifts, and funding pre-nuptial parties. On the flipside, bridesmaids are more likely to go over their original budgets. Tracking your expenses may help you avoid spending more than expected.

Make Their Special Day Memorable

As a member of the wedding party, your role in your friends’ celebration requires more than just dressing up and looking good. From pre-event planning and logistics to advice and encouragement, you offer valuable support as part of their inner sanctum. Stepping up to the plate, meeting deadlines, and offering your assistance are just a few ways in which you help ensure that their special day is memorable and magical.

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