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Wedding Insurance, Black Notebook, Blue PenPlanning a wedding is usually an engaging and enjoyable experience for many couples. Conversely, selecting an insurance provider can be a more tedious and dull affair. Though it might not be an aspect of your nuptials you’re excited about, determining whether you need event insurance can be a critical decision. If 2020 taught couples anything, it is that there is absolutely no way to predict what could come along and disrupt all of your plans at the last minute. To reduce your odds of losing your budget to chance, insurance could prove useful.

Deciding whether you need coverage for your event comes down to a few factors. Review these points and gain insight into how the service can provide you with a sense of peace. 

What Is Wedding Insurance?

Event insurance is essentially exactly what it sounds like. You are putting a lot of money and effort into your big day. If the plans need to be canceled at the last minute due to forces beyond your control, there is no guarantee you will be able to recoup any of the funds. Insurance helps to cover you in the chance your event must be postponed or canceled. Additionally, insurance can cover incidents involving vendors and any accidents or injuries that take place on the day of your nuptials. 

What Are the Types of Insurance?

Much like the options you’re given when presented with homeowner or automobile insurance, there are many decisions to make with event coverage. There are two standard plans under this umbrella: cancelation coverage and liability coverage. As the names suggest, the cancelation policy focuses primarily on the event being postponed or terminated. Liability, on the other hand, involves accidents and injuries that occur at the venue. Couples might want to consider one or both policies, depending on the specifics of the event. 

What Isn’t Covered?

While plenty of scenarios are covered by wedding coverage, some incidents will not fall under the protection of the policy. If you cancel your wedding because of an arbitrary reason like a little bit of rain or you no longer want to get married, you likely won’t be able to recover any of the funds you put forward. Insurance is meant to protect you when you’re faced with scenarios outside of your control. Deciding you just don’t feel like getting married is something that is within your control.

Do I Need This Coverage?

It can be hard to say whether a couple should take out this coverage before their events. Since weddings are already costly to begin with, another expense might be more than your budget can handle. However, there is no way to guarantee that a natural disaster or unprecedented public health concern won’t force you to cancel the event. Since there is no legal requirement for event insurance, deciding whether to take out a policy will ultimately come down to the comfort it brings you.

Final Thoughts

Anyone who has car or homeowner insurance knows that it can come in handy when life throws surprises your way. If you think this level of protection could be beneficial for your big day, insurance is a good option to consider. Policies tend to run an average of a few hundred dollars, though the specific rates will depend on factors like your location, size of the event, and marketplace standards. Work with an agent to gain insight into how the arrangement will work. 

Since there is no way to accurately predict the future, it can be difficult to rest on the fact that everything will go according to plan on your wedding day. If you need to calm your nerves and gain peace of mind, event insurance could be the best fit for you. Review the basics, work with an agent, and determine what kind of policy makes sense for your nuptials.

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