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Engagement Party CelebrationA wedding is quite a large event to plan. Despite this, couples seem to make life even more complicated by throwing a few preliminary parties in the months leading up to it. While you don’t absolutely need to commit to an engagement party or shower, it can be useful to get an idea of what these events usually entail. Take a look at the breakdown of these common parties and see if you want to add any to the itinerary for your nuptials. 

The Engagement Party

Perhaps the most common of all preliminary events, the engagement party is one that happens before anything else. Traditionally, a couple will have an engagement event somewhere between two and four months after making the decision to get married. It is also important to note that there are conflicting ideas about who actually throws this party. Once, it was common for the parents of the bride to take on the expenses. However, other traditions state that both families should contribute. 

Many couples throw this party themselves. While this is a great way to retain control over the event, you may not have the time or energy to plan this in addition to your actual wedding. Regardless of who pays and handles the specifics, an engagement party is a nice way to bring together close friends and family to celebrate the future. 

The Shower

The bridal shower is another common preliminary party to consider. While engagement parties tend to be somewhat commonplace these days, the popularity of the shower has dwindled somewhat. Those who do decide to go through with the shower don’t adhere to the traditions of the past either. Instead of a bridal shower, it is more likely that there will be a “couple’s shower.” This flexibility allows for more fun and offers a practical solution for same-sex weddings where no bride is involved.

When it comes to planning and throwing this event, the couple usually isn’t involved. More often than not, the shower is handled by the members of the wedding party. In some cases, relatives or close friends will take on the responsibility. Surprise showers can be fun, but it is best to ensure this is the type of party the couple will appreciate having thrown for them before going through with any arrangements. 

The Bachelor and Bachelorette Events

As the date of the wedding looms closer, the next event is the bachelor or bachelorette party. Though often viewed as a staple in television and films, plenty of couples opt out of this type of party. The main idea is to allow the couple time apart with their individual friends in an attempt to get the most out of single life before tying the knot. The party is usually organized by the members of the wedding party, though the couple often provides insight on what they would like to do. 

The Luncheon

Another option in recent years is the wedding luncheon. With this event, the couple invites the members of their wedding party to lunch. Held within a few days of the wedding itself, this is a relaxed and informal party that gives the group a chance to come together. Some couples use this as a perfect opportunity to give the members of the party little gifts and tokens of appreciation. Obviously, this is a completely optional event that you should only consider if it doesn’t add extra stress.

With so many tasks to take on before you get married, the idea of throwing extra parties beforehand can seem a bit overwhelming. Whether you commit to these additions or not, knowing what is involved is the best way to make a decision you feel comfortable with.

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