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Unique Themes

Unique Themes

A couple in Singapore not only makes death a part of their everyday lives, they chose to celebrate the fact by posing for their wedding photos with a coffin. Jenny Tay and Darren Cheng are undertakers. For both of them, their choice of career plays an enormous role in their personal lives. Tay, who comes from one of the most well-known undertaker families in the country, said, "Wedding shoots are often staged at places which bring the most memories. For us, work plays such a huge part of our lives so we wanted to do it in style."

Beautiful and Dramatic

The photo shoot took place in a park, rather than in a cemetery. In one photograph, the couple sits nestled together at one end of the brilliant white coffin. Both are looking into the camera with expressions that are serious and content at the same time. The bride's deep crimson gown spills over the edge of the coffin and across the foreground of the picture. Other pictures use different poses and clothing to create exactly what many couples are looking for from their wedding photography a rich combination of romantic fantasy and authenticity. Tay and Cheng appear to be very much in love and ready for a full and interesting life together.

Positive Response

The coffin-themed photos will not actually be displayed at the reception. Tay and Cheng did not want to force their aesthetic on guests who may take offense at their choice. The couple will use a set of pictures taken with an assassin theme instead. However, many of the photographs with the coffin were posted on Facebook with largely positive results. The majority of people who commented found the shoot creative and daring. One responder praised the couple for "thinking out of the box."

Dual Purpose

Tay and Cheng chose their theme for a purpose as well as for its dramatic potential. They have strong feelings about the way Asian and other societies persistently treat death as a taboo subject. They would like to bring the subject more out in the open. Tay is the author of a children's book focused on death. The photographs are an extension of their belief that death and dying are natural, and at the same time, extraordinary parts of our lives.

Floating a New Wedding Concept in China

Tina Liu owns and operates Mr. Wedding, an underwater photography business situated in a suburb of Shanghai. Liu took over a defunct textile mill and installed a water tank in an effort to take advantage of an enormous surge in wedding spending in China. While Mr. Wedding is not the only underwater photography service in Shanghai, Liu believes she offers a unique product. Her team spends several hours getting couples ready to take the plunge, applying waterproof makeup and discussing postures. Liu recommends a dress with a long train. Liu's team includes:

  • Makeup artist
  • Hair stylist
  • Photographer, with a microphone for giving directions
  • Lifeguard

The effects are ethereal. Said Liu, "The sense of losing gravity creates the beauty of floating."

A Growing Industry

An estimated 10 million people get married annually in China. As elsewhere where the events have become big business, couples look for ways to set themselves apart from the pack. Underwater photos offer an entirely different atmosphere than typical dry land shoots. In keeping with the unearthly effect, Liu plans to offer something she calls "air filming." Cameras will attach to aerial drones and film the couple from above while they stay dry and on land. It offers a fresh perspective that Liu hopes will keep her business competitive. While wedding spending in general is up in China, the photography sector has experienced a bit of a decline. Business owners such as Liu are betting that innovation is the key to longevity.

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