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In short: YES! Anyone can use Get Ordained, as long as they are of age and have the ability to go online. Becoming ordained used to be a process that took a lot of hard work and many years of study in a theological college or seminary, but it is now much easier to do so thanks to online ministries like the Universal Life Church.

Why Would You Want To Use Get Ordained?

By far the number one reason why people get ordained through the ULC is to perform legally-recognized wedding ceremonies.

  • By far the number one reason why people use Get Ordained through the ULC is to perform legally-recognized wedding ceremonies.*

There are many reasons why a person may wish to become ordained. By far the most common reason is to perform wedding ceremonies. Anyone from anywhere in the world can officiate a wedding for a friend or family member simply by getting ordained on the internet. People have discovered that they can have a profoundly positive impact on the lives of their loved ones by being the ones who preside over their weddings, and many ULC ministers have even made businesses out of making happy wedding-day memories for complete strangers.

You don't need to be a wedding officiant if you want to become a minister online, however. Ordinary men and women use Get Ordained and it's ordination services so that they can perform funeral ceremonies, baptisms and even chaplaincy work in prisons, hospitals and occasionally even the Army. A small minority of Universal Life Church ministers start their own congregations and build places of worship for members of their community to worship in.

All of the above being said, there are a number of good things that those who want to be a minister can do for themselves, their friends and family, and communities once they do so. Read on to discover how one actually becomes a minister.

How Can I Become Ordained?

One of the greatest things about getting ordained online through an online ministry is that a person can complete the online ordination process in only a matter of days. Some online ministries, like the ULC Monastery, even have an instantaneous ordination process. Most online churches only require a person to submit his or her full legal name, mailing address and email address, though others require lengthy background checks. Once a person's ordination request is accepted and they officially become a minister, he or she generally gets to keep their title for life.

Faith And Belief Requirements For Online Ministries

Most online churches do not question the faith of those who look are looking to become ministers through them. In fact, a couple of branches of the Universal Life Church are interfaith organizations that actively seek to incorporate people of all creeds and beliefs. However, there are a handful of online churches that will not let people become ordained through them unless they profess to be Christian and swear that they only adhere to Christian practices. The ULC Monastery strongly encourages religious minorities to steer clear of the latter kind of online churches as they will only find rejection and in some cases harassment there.

Online Minister Training

Only a few online ministries actually require some religious training and coursework. This coursework may include watching or listening to lectures online or on CDs, reading the Bible, and completing homework assignments (which generally entails writing essays on topics covered in the aforementioned lectures). Typically, the programs that require individuals to complete coursework and training are not free. These programs are also not as quick as the online ministries that allow individuals to become ordained instantaneously or within a few days. It is up to the individual to decide how much time and effort he or she wishes to put into becoming ordained, since there are so many options available online today.

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