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Why You Should Become a Minister Using Get Ordained

You can earn great spiritual and emotional rewards if you choose to get ordained.

Any given layperson, or someone who is not a member of the clergy, must become ordained in order to be a minister. The world's religions view the ordination process through a variety of lenses, but most see it as transformative process where a member of a congregation becomes a conduit to the god or gods the congregation worships. In many ways, getting ordained allows someone to communicate with the divine!

People have a myriad of reasons for wanting to become a minister. Some want to be a wedding officiant and solemnize marriages for their friends, family members, people from their congregation, or even complete strangers. Others want to baptize children so as to induct them into their faith. Others still want to start their own churches and ministries, become a bible teacher, or work as a spiritual counselor. All of the above are equally valid reasons for wanting to be a minister, and all are easily within reach if you choose to get ordained.

Non Denominational Online Churches are the Best Churches

As this blog has previously discussed, it is best to use Get ordained through a non denominational online ministry.

The first reason for this is that non denominational ordinations are fundamentally the same as denomination ordinations, despite what some online churches might tell you. A person who holds a non denominational ordination can do the exact same things that someone who has a Pentecostal, Evangelist, or Methodist ordination can do.

The ULC believes there is great beauty to in our non denominational ordination and attitude toward religion.

Non denominational ordinations are also incredibly inclusive and open to ideas espoused by a plethora of religions. While some denominations are open to other religions' teachings, most are not. One of the ULC's mantras touts the value of religious open-mindedness; we believe that saying only one religion's teachings are correct amounts to religious elitism, an intolerant, unfriendly, and wholly unpleasant way of thinking.

Finally, the Universal Life Church believes that there is inherent value to religious diversity; that having many religions around makes adherents of each individual faith spiritually stronger than if there were only one religion. Religious diversity promotes exploration and spiritual growth and should thus be coupled with all religious practices.

Becoming a Minister with Get Ordained

It is exceedingly simple to get ordained provided that you do so online. One of the many advantages offered by the Internet is that people who are interested in becoming ordained ministers can now do so online through organizations like the Universal Life Church.

To get started, visit Get Ordained online, simply click on the "Begin Your Free Ordination" button in the upper right hand corner of every page on this site. The Universal Life Church's online ordination is free, takes only minutes to complete, never expires, has no renewal fees, and will make you a legally-recognized minister in 48 U.S. states. This means that you can use the ULC ordination to perform a wedding, officiate a baptism, preside over a funeral, and work as a chaplain (among other types of ministerial services).

If you have not already looked into conventional ordinations issued by theological colleges, seminaries, and divinity schools, the Universal Life Church staff will happily tell you what it takes to become ordained through them. You can count on spending at least two years of study at these religious institutions (depending upon your educational background) and thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars on tuition, books, and housing per year.

For example, an education at a prominent American Lutheran seminary, Luther Seminary of Saint Paul, Minnesota, lasts four years and costs over $120,000. When you consider that the men and women who attend Luther Seminary spend years and thousands of dollars to get the exact same legal privileges as Universal Life Church ministers who receive their ordinations in minutes and for free, it is no small wonder that hundreds of people from across the world choose to use Get Ordained services online every day.

So, while those who want to become ordained and serve in the same capacities as Lutheran ministers, Catholic priests, and Baptist preachers do might want to go to those denominations' bible schools, ordinary people who want to perform one or many kinds of ministerial services should visit Get Ordained through the Universal Life Church.

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